Humans are so poorly designed that a lot of us need alcohol just to talk to each other. amirite?
Short people are less likely to break their phones when they drop it. amirite?

Short people are less likely to break their bones when they drop.

We eat fruits. If the role is reversed, fruits eat our babies. amirite?
@Marox25 Actually fruits are designed that way so animals eat them to spread seed around

So our babies would also be covered in tasty cream and will survive being swallowed

For teachers that grade tests out of the highest achieved score on the test, if all students agree to answer the exact same way (A on every question for example) then everyone would get 100%, amirite?

There's this thing most schools use now called "academic integrity policy". Yall conspiring together is covered by that policy(like 99.999999999% of the time)

You will have a totally different set of friends if you were born a year earlier or later. amirite?

Maybe 3-5 years yeah, but a year doesn't really make a difference.

There is still land in this world that no human has ever stepped foot on, amirite?

Probably a no

MlSS NlGGERlA won because of beauty and intelligence, amirite?

If you say so.

If everyone in the world gave you one dollar every year, it would still take around 14 years to reach Jeff Bezos networth, amirite?

I'm worth more than him on Sims

Some of our potential siblings may have been swallowed, amirite?
@Or Drained

Or splattered over a pair of tits.

If you're born in august your parents losed the NNN, amirite?
@The mom too

Why would the mom nut ?

When you are younger you are encouraged to eat but as you get older you are encouraged to eat less, amirite?

Until you hit retirement age and people encourage you to eat more so you won't fade away as your muscles get eaten by your body in search of sustenance.

Raking and getting rid of leaves is a waste of time and likely terrible for the environment. amirite?
There will be a time when millennials are the boomers of today. amirite?

[Softly] Don't.

Depends in there's a dome