If someone gets illegally obtained evidence to convict a criminal, it should still be allowed in court.

I thought it went in automatically, lol.

If you knew your child was retarted or conjoined early in the pregnancy, you would terminate it, amirite?

I feel like this might've been posted before. Don't yell at me :x

It'd be interesting to see how people would live through their unwanted pregnancy if they could not abort their child (as in it being literally impossible to get rid of the child, no matter their actions barring the death of the woman they will have to carry the child, alcohol and such would still have a negative effect on the child but not the death of the child), amirite?
It's stupid that having panic attacks or social anxiety is a trend, amirite?
@Suzywao Wait, how is it a trend? And what's bad about someone wanting to talk openly about their disorder?

Using the statistics from my school, about half the people say they have paranoia/social anxiety/sleep paralysis and all that stuff basically every night. It's hard to beleive that it's not an attention thing, mostly because these are said on social networking sites.

It is amazing the lengths rival schools will go to just to piss eachother off, amirite?

My school is connected to another highschool. We share a cafeteria, gym and auditorium. People can be so territorial lol

The mentally challenged are the best people. They are honest and innocent. They love no matter what and would never try to hurt you. I cannot understand why people hate them. amirite?
“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” -Oscar Wilde This is extremely thought-provoking. amirite?

my teacher made us do a project on this quote, wtf.

If you were the president, you know one thing you would change straight away. Amirite?

Of coure their is the system of checks and balances. As presisent, you don't hold all the power.

People say celebrities are just paid for acting and/or singing a song. That's not true. They're basically getting paid for selling themselves. They trade their privacy for fame and money, amirite?

florence and the machine - raise it up (rabbit heart)

The super bowl will be Giants v. Patriots, amirite?

Psychic or very good statistics

You feel a bit lost when you're favourite show gets cancelled. Amirite?
It sucks when you try to end a fight and the other person just won't give it up.Amirite?

Anybody else read through all of the comments, laughing at the stupidity?

Florence + The Machine's live performances are better than their studio recordings, amirite?

So true. Florence welch is a goddess when she sings live.

Alice In Wonderland looks like an acid trip, amirite?

lol, at camp when I was high, they go " Alice, you in wonderland ;)"
lol, good times...
"cool story bro"

Emotions are a spectrum on which love and hate are of equal intensity, amirite?

This is so perfect to me