Pimp gotta be out there every motherfuckin' day keepin' his bitches in line. Can't let 'em go shoppin', spendin' their money on stupid shit. Bitches gotta think that's your motherfuckin money, know what I'm sayin'? amirite?

BUTTER'S BOTTOM BITCH i love butters :D hahahah <3 south park

30 years ago if a computer loaded in 5 minutes the people would say "OMG ALIENS!!" now if a computer loads in over a minute people say "OMG THIS COMPUTER IS BROKEN I NEED A NEW ONE!", amirite?
what is the difference between jews and boy scouts? boy scouts come back from camp... amirite?

I didnt laugh. This isnt funny. Never knew 6 million people dying was funny. If people broke in to your house and take your family-and possibly you too- to a camp treat you like an animal and kill you -if you havent died by hunger or a diseases before they torture you- will it be funny?

"Can I have your number?" "Oh sorry, I lost my phone" via Facebook mobile. Hmm... rejected, amirite?

i love fmylife.com too :)

you weren't aware, that this was a haiku, until i told you, amirite?
@Sponge It was nice to get to know you. _^

yea it was nice for you u didnt get a no way on your post which lowers your average

It sucks when you're a bigger buzz kill than buzz killington, amirite?

i heart family guy

-Oh cool its bendable! SNAP -never mind.. amirite?
If your parents named you Gaylord you would never forgive them, amirite?
@Pedo_Cat "Your name is Gay Focker?!"

it was a movie he was called gaylord focker....

The Queen is never late, everyone else is just simply early, amirite?
You love or miss someone alot right now, amirite?

aww betsi i didnt know u missed me so much :P

Do you know the joke they only tell to straight people? Yea didnt thinks so.. amirite?
@Have you heard it?

i did. If i didnt how would i know there is such thing?

For some people, nothing is ever satisfactory enough for their liking, amirite?

lol bets sup? have probs? and y is ur name green

A zombie boyfriend is way better than a normal boyfriend because he won't mind your looks he will like you for your brains, amirite?

i love cyanide and happiness did they do that ?

It's fucking retarded how some people cut their wrists to GET RID of pain, amirite?

actually cutting your wrists releases and makes physical pain go away. Makes you feel better but it wont do anything if you are depressed.

it sucks when you run down the stairs on christmas morning then realize your jewish. amirite?

not really cause when you are Jewish u get 8 days of presents (: