The number 1 thing I learned from Online Gaming is that a lot of 12 year olds have slept with my mother, amirite?

I just gotta say this is amazing. I lol'd for about 3 straight minutes and went through my head how many times I've heard that.

If a gay teen commits suicide, it's a national tragedy. But if a soldier dies, it's a short segment on the news, amirite?

There should be celebrations of when a queer decides to do the most noble and honorable thing a fag could possibly do and end themselves. When Dr. Frankenrift had sex with a boy and told his dad he loved him, he realized a week after how horrible and destructive and lower than animalistic it is to be a gay, and put on a dress and leaped in front of a massive train speeding along. It spewed pieces of homo all over the place. And it was cool.

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Suicide isn't the result of weak people, it's the result of people who lose hope. amirite?

I find suicide acceptable in the event that the only other alternative is a slow, painful death.

Other than that, suicide is the product of people who don't know how to handle their problems, make any attempt at facing them, refuse to get help, let their bullshit cloud their vision, or simply can't handle the stresses of day to day living. In any case, they're weak. Strong people don't lose hope. Hope is what makes a person strong, if they lose hope, they are weak.

If any healthy person in a developed country truly believes that they should commit suicide, maybe they should. I'd hate to see what a real problem does to them.