The dumb ones are ALWAYS the loudest. amirite?

Quiet down, buddy

You never see child or old zombies in zombie movies, just like 40 yr old zombies. amirite?

Why are you guys freaking out lord no need to call people dumb

Every breath leads you closer to your last, amirite?

I hope this is a reference to pull me under by dream theater

The biggest trick The Capitalist pulled was to convince people that their life revolves around their job. amirite?

This is true. I have heard from people from other countries that find it strange that one of the first questions/statements Americans make are what we do for a living.

you don't have to care about what others think of you because they only think about themselves, amirite?

That's just a damn lie. What crowd you been surfin with?

one mark cuban is equal to 50 barbara corcoran, amirite?

Or approx. 11 Kevin O'Learys

Ice cream as a replacement for milk with sugar cereal. amirite?

The cereal is already ridiculously sweet and you want to eat that with ice cream which is also ridiculously sweet. Just eat a bowl full sugar instead smh

Knowing the difference between stalagmites and stalactites is a lot less important in adulthood than elementary school made it seem, amirite?
Cannibalism is a solution for Starvation in the World and Over Population, amirite?
Urinals are at least 10 times wider than they need to be, amirite?

depending on how drunk you are

When working in binary, the reduced digit sum of any number will be 1, amirite?
@Vaultrunks Hehe. Oops.

Eh, we all make mistakes.

Your nipples are older than your teath, amirite?

Their presence, yes, but the cells within after regrowth?

Finding your glasses is impossible because if you don't have them you can't see them, amirite?

A friend slapped my glasses off once, deserved, but then crawled around the floor with me to find them.

If life is a game, then it wins the award for best graphics, amirite?

Most realistic does not equal best.

But if what you meant was most realistic, and we lived in a game, how would we know that our world's graphics resemble closest to the actual real world? Plants vs Zombies could have the most realistic graphics for all we know.

You can tell what kind of a drunk someone is by their Uber rating. amirite?

Just made me check my rating...