About me.

Things written in bold are things that matter more on this site

I say a lot of crude things on here, but most things I say aren't really that serious anymore. If I say something rude that looks like it may be joking, it probably is. Although I can be serious sometimes.

My favorite sport is Football (Soccer). I don't like to watch sports and cheer for teams or any of that though. Personally, I like the sport because it is fun to play. I guess that makes me unAmerican. I don't actually play it for my school or anything either. I don't have enough confidence for that.

Also, sort of ironically, I hate American Football. I suppose that makes me unmanly too. I won't explain in detail why I don't like it because you probably don't care.

I am usually on this site with my phone so some of my comments may not make perfect sense. If there are times where I say "if" instead of "of" or say some other word that makes no sense in that context, blame Auto-Correct. Or my terrible typing. But really, blame Auto-Correct.

I absolutely hate Pop and Rap music. To be fair though, my friend tells me there is much better Rap than the mainstream cRap I've heard. I don't have a favorite genre, but my favorite band is Punk Rock. They do have a rapper, but there is also a singer and there are actual instruments being played. Not just a beat. My favorite band is Zebrahead and my favorite song by them is Sorry, But Your Friends Are Hot. You've probably never heard of them. Yes I am aware of how Hipster that sounded.

-I cannot stand reposts.
-I hate cliche posts.
-I hate puns on the internet (they can be nothing more than chuckleworthy unless they are said in real life).

-I do not watch a ton of movies. Just a few.
-I don't find South Park that funny.
-Red is my favorite color.
-This sentence is a waste of 42 characters.
-This sentence also wastes that much space.

And that is it.

(Holy shit a whole About Me that doesn't mention Harry Potter?!? What kind of MLIAer Amiwriter is this?!?)