You wonder how donkey and dragon from shrek had kids, amirite?
Hobos could be people from the future who time travelled. What they didnt realize is that it's a different currency now and there's not good enough technology. amirite?

But if they're from the future they would be aware the kind of currency we have from history, just as if we were able to time travel today to go back in time we would be well aware of the currency they had back then.

Anyone can win, it takes true talent to come in second

The show Pawn Stars must get a lot of accidental viewers, amirite?
@Ram27 I know that this is a joke and all, but who would watch porn with a creative title like "Porn Stars"?

Well, if you rearrange it so it's more like...Hairy Pornstar and the 'Chamber' of Secrets, now people would watch that.

People shouldn't complain that there are too many songs about love or partying. What else are songs supposed to about? Days of the week? Amirite?

Personally, I like songs about landslides and about how if you get knocked down, you should get up again.

You know someone who puts a specific condiment on almost everything that they eat, amirite?

Maple Syrup is good on EVERYTHING

Ellen was the perfect person to play Dory in "Finding Nemo". amirite?

I bet she doesn't like fishsticks...

Pole vault is the coolest sport to watch, amirite?

Pole vault's not really a sport, it's a field event of track & field. But it's a fixed event; black guys don't need a pole to jump that high.

It would be great to buy your own highway or road. Then you could name it anything you would to such as Pokemon lane, amirite?

More like Lapras Lane. But then there's also Snorlax Street, Arcanine Avenue, Haunter Highway, and Rhydon Road....Oh the possibilities

If zelda is always getting owned and link is the main character why do they call it 'legend of zelda', amirite?

Cause if they called it Legend of Link it would be "LoL"

Robbie Rosen from American Idol looks just like Aladdin, amirite?

I know him, he lives in the next town over from mine.

No matter how many times you beat the Pokemon League, the same person is still the champion: not you. Amirite?
@MrRite I agree with this post! I DEMAND Gamefreak make a game where we stand in a single room, waiting days or even maybe...

I would definitely buy/play that game, but it would also be cool if you could be a gym leader or something.

I've just finished my soup. I'm on a roll now, amirite?

Do you have any butter? 'Cause I'm on a roll

If you think about it, music is a universal language. It is one of the only things that shows how people are very different based on what they listen to and yet it connects everyone at the same time, because everyone listens to music, whether it is metal, country, classical, rock, pop, or even just elevator music, amirite?

"Waka waka eh eh"

If you watched a tv show or movie & it didn't have any music playing, it would be pretty stupid with all the random silences, amirite?

The Office doesn't have any music in it, and the silences make it funnier because its awkward for the characters