Sharks are literally fishes that can drown. amirite?
@Thenaturelover My grandpa fishes off the dock at the pond.

Yeah that's also a way fishes could be used but it's not talking about the animal its talking about the action

Someone who teaches others how to fart better is a tutor. amirite?

A tooter tutor

People take blowjobs for granted considering their partner could bite down on their dick at any time. amirite?

Here's to hoping that you have a partner that you would trust

It's accepted as normal if you cough or sneeze in public, but not if you fart. Despite the fact that coughing and sneezing can spread infections, while farts can't. amirite?

I'd rather get the flu than butthole particles up my nose.

Luigi is the witcher of the Mario universe. He eliminates monsters for tons of money, amirite?

Demolition is brought upon monsters when Luigi's bored.

There's no anxiety like shaving your ball sack with a razor, amirite?
When you think about it, every person is in a different time zone. amirite?
Even if the wind is strong, he will always be delicate, amirite?

Yeah, tell that to my fence...

The first animal to feel the sensation of pooping must have been pretty freaked out about the whole ordeal. amirite?
Life is perpetually turning the volume down until, one day, it gets turned off forever. amirite?

But is it being turned down linearly or logarithmically is the real question.

Many animals lactate, but it's only considered socially acceptable to drink from a select few. amirite?

Ever tried to drink milk from a sponge? Didn't think so.

If you found a floppy disk, how long would it take you to find out what's on it? I don't know anyone with a computer that old anymore.

Not jerking off during a porno is the real accomplishment. amirite?

Makes for great background noise

Dyslexic people probably don't get most of the Yoda phrases. amirite?

Underestimate us you have.

Leaving the house with the sniffles might turn you into a killer, amirite?

Leave the house you say?
Might as well travel the world and go to a few concerts aswell.