About me.

Hi. I'm laughing_spork. I'm kind of a boring person, and you're probably not reading this anyway. Sooo here's my little bio thing. When I'm frustrated I type random letters. I LOVE BUTTONS!!! I don't eat red meat. I love Edward Lear and all of his nonsense. I like traveling and going places far away because my hometown is small and boring. But isn't everyone's? I've been to 9 different countries, planning on Cuba or Costa Rica or something next summer. I like doing service projects and stuff that helps people. Helping people is good. I guess I'm pretty normal, but today someone told me I'm not an archetype, so I guess that's good. My TV is set at -24.5 right now, that would be a normal volume, I do not know why it is in negatives. I love grape juice. Bagels are amazing. So is laughing cow cheese. Most food is pretty great. But mostly mac & cheese. I have like a bazillion pairs of sunglasses. I'm generally always cold. That's why I have an abundance of cardigans and socks. I don't like bed frames. I don't like how messy my room is. I don't like cleaning. I don't like my phone. I have very large eyes. If I were an animal I would be a cow because they're beautiful. (Someone literally told me that) I like my hair a lot. It's fun and silly. It does it's own thing. Umm.. that's pretty much it. Yeah.

Fuck that bio. I'm writing a new one. Later. I don't know what to write. Here's some stuff about sporks:

Runcible spoon is a really fancy term for a spork, and is considered to be classier. They can be used for pickles. If you asked Martha Stewart for a spork she would look at you and say "I don't understand" in a falsely calm voice as she frantically yet orderly shuffled through her collections of kitchenware. If you asked her for a runcible spoon she would say "Ah, yes, here you are!" and hand you a fancy spork from her really fancy spoon collection.
You may have heard the term in the poem "The Owl and The Pussycat." They eat mince and quince with a runcible spoon. Or you could have heard the term from the restaurant by the same name.
They are quite exquisite pieces of silverware and no silver set is complete without one. They are not so easy to find, but they are extremely useful. You can use them for pickles, olives, mince, quince, grapefruit, grapes, maraschino cherries, relish, cranberries, hors d'oeuvres, tiny sandwiches, bread, cheese, deviled eggs, dumplings, and other such foods. They are typically used to get things out of jars or to take things from one plate/serving dish to your personal plate. They can be plain or ornate, big or small, have as few as two tines to as many at six. They come in many shapes and sizes. If your grandmother does not know what a spork is tell her it is a plastic runcible spoon used for eating.
The difference is quite obvious.
Runcible Spoon:
I'm not really sure what this is but when I was looking for pictures of runcible spoons I saw this: