About me.

I'm Lavanda, but I go by many nicknames. I love my boyfriend Matt and there is no denying that.

I like to do pretty much everything or at least try it once. I'm very understanding for the most part and normally the person my friends go to for advice.

I'm attempting to learn how to breakdance but that has been a slow process. I need some upper body strength lol. I love subwoofers also I can't wait to get my own car so I can get some. I also like playing video games when I can but normally I don't have that much free time with the type of classes I'm taking.

And yes I'm also girly. I like to talk alot, do my hair, go shopping, and etc. Perfect balance :)

But my favorite thing to do is take pictures. I almost always have my camera with me.
I also like to draw and paint. For the next few months I'm drawing pictures of Bionics.