Spaghetti straps are more like fettuccine straps, amirite?

The worst batch of comments ever connected to a post...

Ladies: you prefer guys with big muscles and six pack abs. amirite?

Too many muscles is kinda scary. I like lean muscular guys, good shoulders, arms and chest are better than a six pack to me.

The Hunger Games series is about a girl who hates cats, then decides they're okay in the end, amirite?

Favvkes, is that you?

Incest between consenting adults is okay, amirite?
@Chairmanleviapproved Jesus Christ! All of you need to wake up and realize that what other people do is none of your business! If a man...

It is actually hilarious to watch people like you claim that thinking ANYTHING is wrong is close-minded.

Point blank. It is fucking disgusting for a woman who has raised a child as her own to take advantage of the trust she has given him and start some kind of relationship.
Even a step-parent/step-child relationship is just WRONG (not as wrong as a blood-relationship), because you raised that person as a child, or saw them as a parental figure and having a sexual relationship is a surefire way to TEAR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY APART.

It is not morally or ethically right and it has extreme consequences okay. I have read about families who have went through incestuous relationships, and the aftermath to their psyche are devastating.
Sure society frowns upon some things that it shouldn't, but it got it right this time.
Incest is wrong, and this is coming from an extremely open-minded person, but even I will not take the bullcrap you are trying to spoonfeed me.

Incest between consenting adults is okay, amirite?
@Jennitalia That's why I disagreed with the post. Duh, I obviously disagree with the statement that incest is okay.

I was hoping you were joking about homosexuality being wrong.

Please tell me you are.

People who don't have straight, white teeth are just gross. Like, why the fuck would i wanna see you speak let alone kiss you! EW! GET THAT SHIT FIXED, amirite?

Yeah omg, you're so gross, you don't have perfectly straight teeth from birth like the OP and can't afford braces? Jeez, go hide yourself away from society, because straight, white teeth is all that matters, not your brain or personality or sense of humour, etc.

Incest between consenting adults is okay, amirite?
@Emperorerror Because clearly killing = having sex with your family members.

That is not what I am saying. I am saying that you can justify everything by saying, let others be, it does not affect you. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

You find it ironic, and kinda neat that the bombs used to blow up the ships in the new movie "Battleship" are shaped the same as the pegs used in the classic Battleship game. Amirite?

I get what your saying, but if you misuse the word irony, for "cool coincidence", you can bet that people will jump down your throat.
Three already have.

Ladies that draw on their eyebrows are weird. If you were bold, would you draw on your scalp too. amirite?

I don't draw mine on completely, but a take an eyebrow pencil and make them thicker and give them better shape since they refuse to grow in at certain parts >:/. I think thicker eyebrows look better than pencil thin ones.

It's very annoying when you find a song you like a lot and then find out it isn't available on iTunes, amirite?


Gary Ross the director of Hunger Games did a great job showing there was violence but not actually showing the violence, amirite?

See, I felt completely opposite about that. Having read the books, obviously I was aware of the violence and I think that had a huge impact on me, but I was missing that same shock and thought-provoking-ness in the movie.
I wish more battles or violence in general would have been shown, to prove a point, I think the movie would have been more powerful with it.

I overall kiiiinda enjoyed the movie.. I guess, but I felt there was so much more that they could have done.
Despite the movie being long, they didn't focus enough on life at district 12, Kat's relationships and the severity of the Games to really make a complete story arc at any of them.

That's just my opinion, I'm well aware that a lot of people don't agree with it.

Perhaps I'm just one of those people who criticizes movies too much because they memorized every detail of the books and was disappointed that the movie could not live up to the impossible standards set for it...- yeah that sounds like me.

We've all had that teacher who hates us for no apparent reason. amirite?

I had a teacher my freshman year who would openly say that I dressed like a slut (my shorts were not even that short, there were other girls' whose were up their asses) and she would make me, when I entered the room, hold my hands at my thighs to see if they were appropriate. I have never been so mortified in my life.
Everyone in that class talked a lot, cuz it was geometry and she's a shit teacher right. So then whenever I talk, she will pick me out and stick me middle front right in front of her.
When I missed something on my test, she would show how to do the problem, and she would say, "don't do what Alayna did, that is not at all correct!" and she would openly chuckle at serious math questions I would ask her.


Then when that year was finally over, she said to her students the following year that she only had one student that she ever hated (and that it was me), and that her name was Alayna.

I'm like... you're cool.

Incest between consenting adults is okay, amirite?
@Yes, I understand it's not mutually exclusive. The same way you could tell a gay person to suck it up and date...

" The same way you could tell a gay person to suck it up and date someone of a different gender even if they aren't happy."

No you couldn't!

There is absolutely no one on this planet whose orientation is incestexual. Who only falls in love with members of his or her family.

Despite there not being gay movements at times, there were always many gay people suffering, how many incestuous people are there? Few.

There is absolutely no way that 97% of people who saw a naked kid getting beaten almost to death would just walk away, the people who wrote that just wanted to feel special about being the 1% better than all the supposed assholes who would do supposedly nothing, amirite?
@Kaitlyn What about the other 2%?

Apparently 2% would stand there and watch.... yeah okay

"Live mas" is literally the worst slogan you have ever heard, amirite?

So, so incredibly stupid.