About me.

My name is Lewis, I'm 19, Australian and a little bit of a grammar nazi. If I don't correct your spelling/grammar, then know that this is due to tremendous effort on my part. I greatly value some friendly debate, and will sometimes defend a position I don't hold myself as it is both a good mental exercise and a great way to challenge your own opinions. I like to surround myself with people and material that I disagree with for this very reason.

"The ironist is not bitter, he does not seek to undercut everything that seems worthy or serious, he scorns the cheap scoring-off of the wisecracker. He stands, so to speak, somewhat at one side, observes and speaks with a moderation which is occasionally embellished with a flash of controlled exaggeration. He speaks from a certain depth, and thus he is not of the same nature as the wit, who so often speaks from the tongue and no deeper. The wit's desire is to be funny; the ironist is only funny as a secondary achievement."