Every living thing is an orgasm. From the smallest cell to a whole mammal, there are orgasms everywhere, amirite?
Every living thing is an orgasm. From the smallest cell to a whole mammal, there are orgasms everywhere, amirite?

no shit

Justice will //eventually// be served no matter what. Amirite?

yeaahhhh, no

I spent €200($273)on make up and circle lenses and I have €30($41) left.Should I get myself a new top or should I save it up for a coat?

kill yourself

or gone bankrupt /Faketown

How many children did Harry have when he became Head Auror?

I thought Harry Potter was dead. Don't you dare bring this shit back

People who talk about how animals are smarter because they live on the planet for free where many of us pay money should remember that taking a dump is much easier on a paid for toilet rather than in some forest. Amirite?

freespeechfreelancer much?

What song would be on the soundtrack of your life?

Either "Save Me" by Globus or "My Whole Family Thinks I'm Gay" by Bo Burnham

When I get blocked on any site, I feel...

would depend, am I on 4chan or Reddit?

The Internet - do you embrace it, or do you fear it? Has your perception changed?

It's all I have

What is the best name for a fictitious city?
At the end of the movie, Escape from L.A, the character of Snake Plisken,(played by Kurt Russel), pushes a button on a gadget that shuts down all electronic devises in the entire world, permanently. Effectively sending the human race back to the stone age. I love this. I'll tell you why. Because it needs to happen. We humans have grown to big for our britches. As cold, and callus as it may sound, i think it's the only thing that's going to put all human beings back on equal footing with each other. No more money, or material possessions. No more cars, or computers, or playstation 2000. Nothing but survival. Each one of us having to survive, day to day, without our "stuff" to help us. People have referred to me as lazy, because i don't like to work, and a lot of the time i don't. I don't like the idea of spending two thirds of my life, going some where i don't want to go, to do something i don't want to do, in order to have a few things that don't last, half the time don't work, and when the prices get jacked up on them, i don't get to keep them anyway. Not to mention the fact, you can't take it with ya when you die. For a moment lets examine this concept of the word lazy. Everybody likes to throw this word around in a derogatory manner, or use it to put one person on a pedestal over others. First of all, laziness is an inherent human condition. Sorry folks, but you all have it. And, weather you want to admit it or not, you all are lazy, DAILY. That's right, i said daily. Why do you drive to work instead of getting up a couple hours earlier and walking to work? Laziness. Why do you put your food in the microwave, rather than cooking everyday? Lazy. How many people do you know that have workout equipment in their basement that hasn't been touched in years? Lazy. Why do we sit our kids down in front of the t.v., and the computer, rather than playing a game, or spending all of our free time with them. Laziness, which by the way, is making lazy kids, because they don't even go outside and play anymore. Their all on the computer, or in front of a video game. Second of all, the very fact that technology is growing so fast, is because we are all lazy. We want our computers to go faster, why? We are to lazy to take the time required to find things for ourselves. People don't do math in their head anymore, they have a machine do it for them. Lazy. In fact every great technological invention of the twentieth century came out of a need for humans to do LESS WORK. Lazy. Even on the job, most places have made it easier to do the work required, why....LAZY....And the truth that nobody is willing to admit, is the reason people work in the first place, is so they can be lazy. You work to buy a house to be lazy in. You work to buy stuff to help you be lazy, video game consoles, computers, cars, four wheelers, campers, beer. Obesity is one of the top ten greatest health concerns in America. Why is that? Laziness. Every generation before us, did a lot more work, for a lot less return, and were a lot happier, and more grateful to have what they had. And people, if any of you tell me that there's not a day that goes by, that you don't blow off doing something, simply because your to lazy to do it, my response will be one of disbelief. The entire U.S congress actually works a whopping three months out of every year, while getting paid an exorbitant amount of money, and then has the BIG BRASS COJONES to vacation in some exclusive resort on the tax payers dollar, all the while running down the average "lazy" American citizen. The big American "fat cats" spend their time, sunning themselves on their yachts, chasing a little white balls around with a bag of sticks on their PRIVATE golf courses, while their employees do all the work, and get considerably less pay. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE LAZY. Why do people, and that's all of us, want promotions at our jobs? The main reason is so we have less work for more pay. Lazy. When two kids are fighting over one toy what do you do? Parents? You tell them to share, or take take turns. If the won't do that, then what? You take the toy away. Then they have nothing to fight about, and nine times out of ten, they find something else to do with their time. Usually they get along better to, because they have been made equals. They both lost, and they both suffered, so they understand each other, and the situation, better. That's what dad needs to do to us. Take away our toys. The only way we are going to see each other as equals again is for all of us to lose everything. Call it apocalypse, or doomsday, or judgement day, whatever label you want to put on it, that day we will all be the same once again. No more toys, or money, or material possessions to fight over. Nothing that one man can hold over another's head to say "I'm better then you.", or "I'm more important then you, because i do more, or i have more." To be honest with you, i hope i live to see that day. And i truly believe that the poor, or the meek if you will, will have a lot easier time handling that day, then those people who are slaves to their material life. The meek will inherit the earth. So yeah, i'm lazy. And i'm proud of it, because it means that i'm normal, just like the rest of the world. You want to hear some more truth? I'll bet more than fifty percent of you will even be to lazy to read this entire presentation........................................................................So when your indiscriminately calling somebody else "lazy" take a look in the mirror. There will find another lazy person, who should really be careful how he treats his fellow man, because what you put out always comes back to you, in the exact form and intensity that you send it. Like
The Legend of Zelda is superior to Call of Duty, amirite?

yeah, more CoD bashing, whatever, that hasn't been done six bazillion times

"Hon, if your brain told you to dress this way, I don't think you should have it protected."

Ghosts are said to be cold, so maybe they absorb heat energy and store it, so be converted to kinetic energy later on. It's possible that ghosts don't violate the laws of physics by moving things without having mass, therefore not having kinetic energy, amirite?