An overused joke in Disney Channel shows is: "I will never EVER do that for you!" "I'll offer you money." "How soon do you want it done?", amirite?

Or when a character refus repeatedly to do something and it cuts to the person doing the task.

Feeling good about your body and having confidence feels better than a piece of cake will ever taste, amirite?

I don't know... cake tastes pretty good.

It's really attractive when people scrunch their lips together when taking a picture. More people should pose like that. amirite?

Let's just make a collage of amirite users posing like this.

Naked is best, amirite?

I know right, other juices are too watery.

People want to get Christian Bale to dress up as Batman and visit the hurt kids from the Aurora massacre. However, that will probably trigger traumatic memories, amirite?

I feel like people who want it to happen have good intentions but they didn't really think it through.

Christian Bale visiting the Aurora shooting victims proves that he is more than just a movie hero, amirite?

I feel like it was sincere because Christian Bale never liked press attention before. Also based on the pictures, it looks like it was a very quiet visit, everyone else made it to something big.

Eeyore's snout looks like a random Asian person, amirite?

Asian Stewie

Amirite have some very weird advertisements, amirite?
@Scientist Aren't the ads usually based on the stuff you look at online? (All of my ads are for telescopes)

I keep getting advertisements for Christian dating sites, I'm not even Christian...

TV shows are ridiculous lately. Why should you sit around watching fake scenarios when you could be up living your own life? amirite?

According to that logic, you shouldn't read any fiction books either?

If for some reason you had to be buried after you died, and there was even a one in a trillion chance that you'd wake up underground (as a person, not a zombie), you'd want to be buried with a few cyanide capsules or similar quick death things, amirite?

If your family was the one who buried you, then presumably they were the ones that put the cellphone in your casket so they would believe you. Also, I would only want to take the cyanide if I was 100 percent sure I would die. If there's still some little sliver of hope, I would hold onto it until my last breath. Sorry for butting into your discussion, just thought I would slip in my opinion.

It would be cool if the commercial break was made up of one big commercial that included all the products you normally see in a commercial break. Like a family riding in a Ford Fusion go out to State Farm to get life insurance. One of the kids is playing with a Barbie doll in the car. She starts to choke on one of Barbie's shoes and they have to go to St. Mary's hospital. Then, once the child is revived, they end the day with dinner at Applebee's. Amirite?

I would enjoy that a hell lot more than regular commercials :)

Imagine how long it would take to decide on a company name. It's like your username, except it actually matters, amirite?

I know a father and son whose last name is Raine, their company name is Raine and Son.

My parents knew each other for 1 month, dated for 2 weeks, and have been married for 20 years. You just never know when two people are meant to be together. So society should just shut it when it comes to setting rules on how long two people should wait before getting married. Let the two partners figure it out for themselves. amirite?
@ContinuityMistake I agree. It depends on the people. My parents aren't the best examples of this though. They knew each other 6...

Wait, your mom tried to cut off you dad's penis THEN cheated on him? He still wanted to be in a relationship after she tried to cut off his penis?

It's ridiculous some black guy got pulled off an airplane and got arrested for sagging his pants, amirite?

Arresting him was stupid and unnecessary but why didn't he just pull up his pants?

Girls:You finally get a car and your parents tell you that you have to drive your little brother around everywhere and to school, there's only one solution. Paint your car pink and blast Hannah Montana music. He'll never want to be seen with you. Amirite?

I wouldn't want to be seen in that car either.