To: everyone. Don't commit suicide. If you do, you're just missing out on the best part of your life... When everything gets better. Someone out there loves you. amirite?

maybe they won't. Maybe they'll think Im a complete idiot. but some might actually read this closely and realize that someone really does love them. The least you can do is try.

"First!"... yeah, nobody gives a shit you faggot, amirite?

FIRST! Haha jk

You hate it when people call your male cat a she, simply because he's a cat, amirite?

Really? People Always call my girl kitty a 'he'!

The comment section of this website is a scary place, amirite?
To:everyone. Don't think you're ugly. Dot say you're fat. You're beautiful. You're skinny. Go look in the mirror and find 5 things you love about yourself. amirite?

hug us girls don't often see ourselves as pretty, a lot of the tome because we've been made fun of.but we need to realize that we are pretty, inside and out.

I love this post <3

You can be a straight guy and still buy a Justin bieber or Jonas brothers CD! Us girls won't judge you! amirite?

I know a guy who is straight and is a fan of the Jonas brothers! He listens to their music all the time!

You love your dog or cat:) amirite?

I have a golden retriever. I love her <3

Girls: you'd rather have a nerdy, loveable boyfriend than a hot jerk. amirite?

Personality is most important to me. Looks are a bonus:)

This is my 50th post. I just joined this site yesterday. Damn, I've never felt so fulfilled as I do right now, amirite?

^^^ hahaha I absolutely love that!

It's kinda weird to think that every day is someone's birthday. amirite?

Whoever is having a birthday today.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland, amirite?

I've never been in Disneyland!

Having an iPad and an iPod touch is pretty damn stupid, amirite?

But having just an iPod touch is pretty flippin awesome :)

The first sip of a hot drink is always the scariest, amirite?

That's so true!

You didn't like Billy Mays at first but then when you started to like him he died and now you want him back, amirite?

I always liked Billy mays! :)