It's amusing when twins try to act like they're individuals, amirite?

that's because we are individuals..

Rapunzel's first time with Flynn must've been pretty awkward, seeing as she probably didn't even know what a penis was, let alone full on sex, for the first eighteen years of her life, amirite?

Tangled is my absolute favorite movie, no joke. But I still don't get how she had amazing people skills when she was locked in a tower for 18 years..

If you aren't reading, watching, or listening to something on an airplane you look like a serial killer. amirite?

What if you're sleeping

Guys: it's cute when girls wear just the sleeves of a sweatshirt, amirite?

How does that work though

Girls: the greatest feeling ever is when you find out that your dress/bra can go strapless, amirite?

i think there are greater feelings than that..

You hate when people tell you that you look tired, amirite?

it's especially the worst when you're fully awake and think you look fine. like the other day my friend looks at me and was like "wow you look realllly tired..." i'm just like oh.. yeah i'm exhausted...

"Pretzel Bottomed Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Pie"... What a mouthful, amirite?

where the fuck do i find this beautiful slice of heaven?

If a person is really that sensitive, they shouldn't be on the Internet at all.

The thought of biting a towel gives you the chills. amirite?

who thinks of biting a towel in the first place

Vermont is probably the most unknown state but they make the best maple syrup, amirite?

vermont is the most unknown state? lol what about like iowa or missouri..

Lily and Harry Potter did not have the same eyes in the movies, amirite?

Daniel Radcliffe was allergic to the green eye contacts he was supposed to wear so that's why his eyes are blue in the movies.

It's not something we really think about, but people are way more attractive when they have a pronounced jawline, amirite?

Josh fucking hutcherson.

@HelenaBeat Then how does it work?

If a person is willing to go on the Internet, they need to learn to accept that not everyone is going to be nice to each other. People online are very blunt and rude and should never be taken seriously. Anything they say should not be taken personally because 99% of the time, they don't know anything about you. So if you're willing to go on the Internet, you have to learn not to be so butt hurt so easily

Words like "hard", "urge", and "wet" are immediately referenced to sexual things, amirite?

i always thought "thrust" was a very sexual word.

I just had a conversation about different kinds of metal with someone. They had mentioned something along the lines of, "Ninja Metal would be so awesome!!" However, I think ninja metal would be a few minutes of absolute silence... and then there would be a shuriken buried in your forehead, amirite?

am i the only one who thought she was talking about actual metal and not music at first...