why do successful people succeed?

Because they're successful.

sex ? ( of cource not with me ) ( post if u hav )

If posts nowadays were something worth reading, I probably wouldn't have to question if this person was trolling or not.

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Suppose we drop 1. A 50 kg metal ball and 2. A 40 kg ball of silk from a height of 100 meters. which will reach the ground first ?

Well, there are variables. Are we in a vacuum or no? If not, the ball of silk will undoubtedly be massive compared to the metal ball and have much more drag, resulting in a slower terminal velocity. There's also the consideration that even if we are in a vacuum, the added circumference of the silk ball will allow it to touch the ground first, even if the centers of the balls are lined up perfectly.

Marijuana should be legal EVERYWHERE. It's been proven to help cancer patients by stimulating their appetite and suppressing nausea, and as a recreational drug, it's less intoxicating than alcohol. Agree or disagree?
@LovelyGreen You know what else helps cancer? Chemo. You don't see me running to get some though. I agree that there is medical...

Any particular reason you're on this site? Since you seem to have a problem with things that don't have any productive use, I don't think you should be here. I also assume you don't listen to music, play games, watch movies, or entertain yourself in any way.

They had to change the title of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" to "Sorcerer's Stone" in the USA because Americans aren't educated well enough to know what a philosopher is, amirite?
@British people: Having a better education than Americans since forever.

OH, I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of being on the MOON.

You get personally offended when someone says something negative about people of your race, culture, nationality, sexuality, religion, etc., amirite?

People should get over themselves and learn to not take every negative comment up the butt...

Alcohol makes people behave like idiots. A baby makes people behave like idiots with strange voices amirite?

Why yes, my alcoholism was caused by my hatred of babies.

If Harry Potter was a Hufflepuff, Deathly Hallows would've been 2 pages long, amirite?
"In the English language, two negative words can form a positive, on the other hand, no two positive words can form a negative." Yeah right, amirite?
The most opportunistic thing to do when someone has an epileptic seizure in a bath, is to throw in all your dirty laundry, amirite?

You are an awful person, and I will always respect you for this post.

Everyone who supported slavery was free. Everyone who supports abortion is alive, amirite?
@Sir Nobody "supports abortion". They simply believe it is the right of the woman to choose; that's why it's called...

Actually most people think abortion is wrong but think it's the woman's right. I think the WBC is wrong, but it's their right. It's the exact same thing.

There's a difference between supporting and encouraging. I support everyone's right to own a gun, but will I encourage everyone to shoot others? I support drug legalization, but will I encourage people to get high? I support everyone's right to take their own life, but do I encourage suicides? Nope. I support rights, but I don't necessarily encourage the action the rights protect.

Everyone who supported slavery was free. Everyone who supports abortion is alive, amirite?
@Pug You caused someone not to live.. If that's not killing what is? Your decision is to have sex or not. Not if you...

Not having sex is causing someone not to live as well. Hell, not raping every woman you see is preventing someone from being born. Is that considered killing? Should I be arrested for not raping women?

Besides, the fetuses that are aborted are ones that would harm the gene pool anyways. People that get abortions are normally poor, uneducated women who had sex before they were ready without the proper protection. The children born to these women would likely become equally uneducated and poor due to both their family situation and, more importantly, to their genetics.

If you look at the situation completely objectively, you'll realize that the money needed to raise a child in a developed country could save more than one living child from starvation in a developing country. And these living children actually feel pain from their slow death. Of course, I realize that the money saved from not raising a child are definitely not sent to developing countries, but the point is the money needed to raise those children could be used for far better things.