It's annoying when someone complains about someone giving spoilers to a film made from a book. There is already the massive 'plot spoiler' out there, and just because you can't be bothered to pick it up doesn't mean we can't talk about it, amirite?

This post sounds kind of stuck up. I'm sure you didn't finish the book within the first hour it wad released, and you'd probably be upset if someone spoiled it for you before you finished it. A lot of people just want to see what the hype us about; there's nothing wrong with that. Even if they only plan on seeing the movie, that doesn't make them a terrible person. Spoiling it for them just makes you a prick.

You've wondered why it's called New York before. It's not like there was an old York, was there? amirite?

Lol, yes there was. It was just "York" though, not Old York.