Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."

You are very right.

Nothing wrong with having a great body, but eventually two people have to talk.

Breasts have nothing to add to the conversation.

hehe smilie

@LiVi Haha me too I've done that before! Aww thanks! I'm glad you think so. I always find everyone's opinions on here...

I think you're right about North Korea, we should have taken them down during the Korean war....our bad. But with a mad man at the helm over there, we never know what will happen. I hope it's just bluster on his part and China will step in and threaten him.

@LiVi No that's ok we were talking on my other question so I can see why this one also seemed like my question...

My bad, I've done that before, guess I should pay more attention to who the poster is. lol You ask good questions....and I thank you for that.

I agree, I hope things settle down, but we have so many people wanting to kill us, I just don't see how we can survive another 20 years. Sorry, I'm being a Debbie Downer today. biggrin smilie

What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t?

Be happily married with kids, with no financial or emotional problems.

Leading up to an overseas trip, do you ever experience a mounting dread that you will die on that flight? I am experiencing this fear right now! D:
@LiVi Yes I guess I have as well, and I don't fear driving 🤔

I don't fear driving, but if going on a long trip, I would rather fly....

What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t?

People to start treating each other like brothers instead of enemies.