Most jokes never get old, amirite?

same with your mom, and thats what she said. its timless lol

Union jobs suck. amirite?

Loonie toons managementđź’€

Flossing is easy and you're disgusting if you don't do it. amirite?

"...even after you allocated 2 minutes just to brush your teeth."

You should floss before brushing. Floss, rinse (ideally with mouthwash), brush. Don't rinse after brushing.

People who buy multiple properties just to resell them are also just scapler on a grand scale, amirite?

Sounds like your mad your to poor to buy them up and flip them yourself.

KFC 's original chicken is better than the fried and crispy. amirite?

I have no idea how the original KFC chicken should taste, but I would try it if I saw it. I don't believe it can be worse than their default selection.

It's not okay to be alone, amirite?

There's a difference between being alone and being lonely you can be alone without feeling lonely they aren't mutually exclusive.

Closed captioning provides a better experience and should be used by default in movie theaters, amirite?

I agree. The only thing that kind of annoys me is that, normally, captions won't say exactly what they're saying in the movie, and I kind of hate to listen to something and read it differently in the captions. I can't help to read it even if I can hear it clearly.

But, you're totally right, they should put those by default.

Yes Dumbledore could actually beat Gandalf by feats. amirite?
@SnooStories Hey you just said my Number 1 point.

Maiar is a made up word by Tolkien

Rowling's magic system is just as made up. Dumbledore is a wizard in his fake world and Gandalf is an angel in his. Personally, I think angel trumps wizard.

Drive (2011) is one of the worst movies I've ever watched, amirite?

I liked it

Patek Philippe Nautilus is not beautiful, amirite?

Patek philippe watches are boring

We shouldn't be ashamed of pirating movies - streaming services should just give better reasons not to do it, amirite?
@SnooStories Point is not changing mind of pirate, but rather to make it weaker alternative

Seriously, what is better than downloading it for free at high speed with no consequences?

To say "Because we have always done it like that" on why something is done is not a reason and stupid, amirite?
@Theunknowxn 100% popular opinion.

I wish it was... why do I almost hear it on a daily basis?

Huskies really don't belong in America, amirite?
@KilljoyX Bro, I have been to Maine, and I am not going to argue with you that that may have been a mirage. What a weird...

You cross the boarder and suddenly you feel disoriented, dehydrated and the humidity makes you feel like a sad rat. It's not real HAHAHA.

Vermont is just Quebec but you need your passport to go shop.

Being a vegetarian is not about how much vegetables you eat. It's about how much meat. amirite?

What about fruitarians?

Are you truly a vegetarian if you don't eat vegetables and only pasta?

Imagination is limited. One cannot imagine something that is not at least in part or a composite of things or qualities that already exist. amirite?

The phrase "Limited only by your imagination" seem to have lasted the test of time. I guess that's why?