Deaf people must grow up farting in public unknown that it makes a noise, amirite?

My cousin who is completely deaf "heard" my grandfather fart
I wasn't there, but she felt the vibration apparently.
My granddad tells that story with so much awe and amazement every time

Dying on your birthday is morbidly poetic, amirite?

Yup. That's what Shakespeare did.

Everyone can identify as a Muppet from Sesame Street, but nobody identifies as a human from it. amirite?

Except maybe Mr. Hooper.

It's entirely possible that Sigmund Freud had a weird thing for his mom and just assumed everyone else did too. amirite?

His mom was hot.

If Supermans' ship had landed in the ocean instead of Kansas, he would have been really strong Aquaman, amirite?
@Nick2005 His trident is magic too right? The one thing other than kryptonite that can hurt Supe

Not magic.
You could say his race makes him so strong and he got one of the powerful weapons in the DCU.

Reality TV is wasting your life by watching other people do stuff with theirs, amirite?

I mean it's just straight up brain food for the brain dead

Socks are portable rugs, amirite?
"Will you marry me" is a marriage proposal, while "will, you, marry, me" is a foursome proposal. amirite?
When you slam the breaks, you're accelerating! amirite?


If you eat any type of fruit with seeds in it, regardless if you eat the actual seed, you are slaughtering baby fruit. amirite?

Well, it's better than slaughtering baby children.

The dumb ones are ALWAYS the loudest. amirite?


We all have the guilty pleasure of intentionally slowing down when others are tailgating us. amirite?

I slowly apply pressure to my parking brake to slow down without my brake lights flashing. In my head, the person behind me is losing his mind.

True representation of fear is when you touch your pocket while walking along a street and you don't feel your phone. amirite?

*True representation of fear is when you touch your pocket while walking along a street and you feel another hand.

People will actually pay money to have someone tell them to eat less and exercise more, amirite?

They are paying for their expertise. The time they've spent learning all the ins and outs of that discipline. Just like how people pay investors to invest for them, builders to build for them, cleaners, mowers, taxes, and all the specialties that people learn to get paid to provide for others who will pay them for the time they've invested to learn. That leads to free time to spend with family, friends, hobbies and pursuits of disciplines that interest you. Time is finite.

Digiorno pizza can't possibly be confused with delivery, ever. amirite?

It's not digiorno it's disgusting