Violence is not the answer. It is the question. And the answer is yes.

@Sun Not if it's against psychic, flying, or ghost types.

But you better be scared if you're Normal, Rock, Ice, or Steel.

Guys: You've been a victim of the old trick where a hot girl asks for a hug, and then when you lean in while saying, "heh heh, don't mind if I do" they brutally stab your penis with a pair of scissors, amirite?

It's happened, like, four times. I'm running out of penises.

When comforting a grammar Nazi, you should always softly whisper "There, their, they're.", amirite?

Unless they're comic book characters with speech bubbles, they won't be able to hear the difference.

When you feel smart, remember, at one time you were learning not to shit yourself, amirite?

I remember the day I became toilet-trained. I had just gone off to college...

People will start a flame war over pretty much anything these days, amirite?
It's ironic how often guys complain about how much girls complain, amirite?

It's ironic how often girls complain about how much guys complain about how much girls complain

I would think that real animals are the closest thing we have to pokemon, as all dinosaurs are extinct.

Fruit always tastes better in fruit salad than by itself, amirite?

Especially with fruit flies on top.

Abercrombie probably mops their floor with their perfume and cologne. amirite?

Funny story, the scent is actually a solution of chloroform and narcotics designed to inhibit judgement, thereby making us more likely to but clothes.

sonic and shadow would make a great couple! amirite?

Don't be discouraged by amirite. I'm sure deviantart would appreciate your furry yaoi-fic.

You are booberific, amirite?

I'm a male and what is this?

Writing stuff in strict MLA format isn't fun, amirite?

MLA is strict. MLIA, totally different story.

Feet. Unattractive and unappealing, amirite?

And yet a fetish for it exists.

The age of the US as a world power has come to an end, amirite?

Will. Definitely will. But not yet.