The school calender messes up your view of the real calender. ie. You feel like the year starts August/September not January and that the week starts on Monday not Sunday, amirite?

doesn't a week begin on Monday anyway? or has my whole life been a lie..

Double standards always favor the girl, amirite?
@Wynaut There is wehre the problem is, then. Many "feminists" feel the need to be better than men in order to prove that...

Do you understand what equal means? Being the same. Not being better or worse, but the same. You are exactly right - any woman who feels the need to assert a greater degree of power than a man to prove that she is "equal" is misunderstanding the meaning of feminism. But so are you.

Double standards always favor the girl, amirite?

A feminist is, by definition, someone who supports the "social, political, and economical equality of the sexes". If they want women to have more rights than men, then they aren't feminists.

Double standards always favor the girl, amirite?
@vitaminb Feminism: It is OK for women to have more rights, but when men, that just can't happen. Screw feminists and their...

No feminists want women to have EQUAL rights, not more rights than men. It's perfectly acceptable for men to want that too.

On TV fat, oafish men always seem to have very pretty, thin wives. We will never see the reverse of that though, amirite?

Also most comedy films feature this sterotype (forgetting sarah marshall, knocked up, the dilemma, the break-up, i could go on and on...)

It seems somewhat cocky when a commercial comes on more than once in the same break, amirite?

isn't it more needy than cocky? like desperate that someone will buy the product

The average American man has a weak mind. They're told everything will be OK and alright. Over in Japan and Europe, if you suck and are a failure at something, you're sure as hell going to be told that you suck and that you fail, amirite?

Ugh I'm SO sick of people generalising about 'Europe' as though its one place. It's a CONTINENT made up of 50 different individual countries. Russia and Spain couldn't be more different in culture and values, for example, and they're both European countries.

Even if dead people could contact the living, why would they want to talk to wanker psychics like John Edwards, amirite?

Tim Minchin?

Perhaps feminism would have more support from men if it was called something like "equalism.", amirite?

This is a really good idea. I think the word 'feminism' needs to be re-branded - it has far too many negative connotations. Most girls probably agree with most of less-extreme beliefs of feminism, but are too afraid to say it. Feminism needs to be associated with strong, intelligent, appealing women who love men but, at the same time, believe they should be treated equally to them.

Be the person you'd want your children to grow up to become, amirite?
@Molleh isn't this like saying "be the person your parents want you to be"?

No, not at all. It's saying that you should be the kind of person you'd want your own child to turn into. For instance if you'd want your child to be happily married or have a successful career, you should aim for that for yourself.

you listen to yourself in the shower and wonder why you haven't made an album yet, amirite?

I've seen this on Facebook

Why test on animals when we've got pedophiles in prison? Amirite?
@And animals are alive.

Your point? Animals aren't human beings...

Lady GaGa is more musically talented than Taylor Swift. Amirite?

lady gaga's probably a better singer/dancer but taylor writes much better songs

With the exception of family and close friends, its actually almost impossible to feel genuinely happy for someone, amirite?

Selfish biatch...Snyde

When you send a risky text, you throw your phone away from you because you're too scared to read the response, amirite?