You know its going to be a long semester whrn you fail the first test, amirite?

It's not calc, it's advanced functions. Which actually adds to my point, if I can't do the easy stuff, how am I going to manage the next 5 months of intense work? Henceforth "it's going to be a long semester". smirk2 smilie

One of the ways Twilight is cool is because Bella loves Jacob even though he's Indian, while in Harry Potter, there are only white people, because I guess J K Rowling just doesn't like people who aren't white. Just one reason Twilight is better, amirite?

Indians are from Asia retard.

You don't calzone food-based malpropisms, but if I do, that's my pierogi, amirite?

This is just too wordy for me un smilie

you hate it when people cry in movies, it is so obviously fake, amirite?

It doesn't look fake at all when Michael Caine cries.

It is hard to respect an authority figure with a shrill, high-pitched voice, amirite?

Have some respect ! hehe smilie

It is kind of funny how conservative Canadians are actually quite similar to liberal Americans and liberal Canadians are actually quite socialist, amirite?


Bane's voice totally sounds like Sean Connery's, amirite?

I never knew who Sean Connery was until a week ago, and now I see him everywhere d smilie

I would, but it'd be a small one.
Oh, patriotism d smilie

Towards the end of a test, you just start bullshitting and putting random answers, amirite?

Did that today in fact smirk2 smilie

You find it strange that Toronto's soccer team is sponsored by the Bank of Montreal, amirite?

... We have a soccer team ? wary smilie

My soul ! He can see right into my soul !

This is not a drill; it's a sledgehammer, amirite?

No, it's not ..

I'm missing something aren't I ?

You actually made it into a post, huh (:

It wouldn't be that surprising if aliens accused the Korean language of plagiarising their crop circles, amirite?