you get really nervous before you go up and order your movie ticket, amirite?
@Rashed But why? This doesn't make any sense to me.

I don't know why either, but I do always get nervous before I have to ask people for anything. Like ordering food at a restaurant, I'm afraid it'll go like this:

Me: "Can I have the [insert food item here]?"
Waiter: "No! Now leave and never return, you pathetic excuse for a human being!"

Bizarre, I know.

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It would totally suck if JK Rowling ended the Harry Potter series with "And then he woke up". amirite?

Not necessarily. What if it went, "And then he woke up. The sound of an uninvited stranger apparating in echoed throughout the house. Harry started crying in his crib as his parents rushed into the room..."?