About me.

Hi hi!
Ummm...Errr...let's see. GRRR! (;_;) I don't have anything to say sooooo


  • I watch anime...alot
    -I overuse ellipses...obviously
    -I read too much
    -I obsessively clean my ears
    -If you don't make me stop talking then I won't
    -I may be one of the most awkward people you will ever meet
    -I listen to all music...ALL ( I'll try any band or artist once)
    -I like the word majigger
    -I sleep with a stuffed spongebob
    -I'm probably too old to be sleeping with a stuffed spongebob
  • I judge not
    -I'm from the South...I detest my accent
    -I'm running out of things to ramble on about

So, insert cool/witty/funny saying here