About me.

I'm a guy, almost 17, and am a junior.

I like running b/c it's calming, at least for me. Some of my friends are on the team too.

Baseball is my favorite sport, I'm just not skilled in it, so I'll love it from afar.
Just finished reading The Greatest Game Ever Pitched, a book about baseball.

My least favorite class is English. My favorites are Math, Science, and History. Sometimes French if I'm not too bored.

I like The Big Bang Theory, geek humor :)

I finished my 2nd year of french, and will take 3rd this year. I'm no where near fluent, but I like saying some phrases. Mostly inappropriate ones.

I tell really lame jokes, according to my sister. They're mostly puns, followed by a fake and cheesy laugh by me.

I do xc track and wrestling for school sports.

I'm pretty short, about 5'6"

I don't post too often, if at all. I won't use the chat anytime soon either, so I just read posts and comment.

I think I'm good at spelling. I'll point out some of yours, but I'm no grammar nazi.

I hate typing, but I will survive.

I don't listen to music a whole bunch, but i'll blurt out semi-related lyrics to use in a conversation.