About me.

I'm Meredith Palmer. I work at Dunder Mlifflin as a Supplier Relationship Rep. I've been divorced twice, have a drinking problem, am allergic to diary and has slept with a terrorist.

Just kidding. I'm a girl, who's name is not Meredith. But I won't tell you my name, so you can call me Meredith. It's on my tumblr, though. So it's kind of ironic. I love:

Harry Potter
Starkid (Lauren Lopez makes me rethink my sexuality.)
The Princess Bride
The Anchorman
My friends
Speaking with a German accent
Daily Grace
Ouran High School Host Club
(I've only seen 1 episode of Dr. Who, (the first one), but right now I absolutely love it. So I can't really add it, but I still love it.)

I'm a commenter, not a poster. Most of my posts suck, some of my comments win.

Tumblr: sophiepigfarts.tumblr.com

That's it. I'm Ron Burgandy. You stay classy, San Diego.