I hear ya C_ZAR1~ biggrin smilie If you listen to me speak at times, some may find I can turn anything into a sexual or sensual innuendo !! Some call if a gift.. Some call it sick... I just call it like I see it !!mischief smilie

You can express how you interpret a situation or how you engage in a dispute. You can't "tell" anyone how they are going to see or feel. Fortunately, we all process information differently.

Does it bother you when people make assumptions about you before they even know you?

I'm loving these choices for this question! ;) Absolutely not, if it is for the positive. Of Course, if it leans towards the negative. :) :) The golden rule applies: Never Assume. It makes an "Ass" out of "U" and "Me." Happy happy!

Promote the things you love. Ignore the things you hate. This will make your life better.

surrounding yourself with positive energy is much more appealing and mind frame than dwelling on the negative.

Still Pheelin' The Love. Are You Pheelin' It, Too?


I don't think so. I am the same way to people I know in flesh and I'm happily married. I am rather open about everything and anything I can another with. I would say, NO for me.


Hi Melizmatic~ :) Thank you for making me feel so welcome. :) I have a small question.. It's off the subject... but being the wise Melizmatic you are, you probably can answer it quickly. What is the icon OP after your name? Does it stand for Outstanding Person? If it doesn't, it should! Thanks in advance for your answer. Happy thoughts, Merlin :):)

Ones without a conscience

If he needed me to put his shoes on and help him walk that mile, yes. If I would do it for personal gain, no. I would do it if it were to help him. I would not do it to hurt his ego or for my personal benefit.

Many Japanese woman find this gorilla called 'Shabani' very attractive. His sensitive eyes and masculine looks have earned him the title of being a "hunky beast."

I'm not particularly fond of his nose. He has a big mouth and I'm not big on body hair. To another gorilla I'm sure he's the talk of the town! :)

Which Part of the Sky is Most Beautiful?

I think sunrises

Turn 60 degrees and walk away never to look back. You never know which face will be looking at you.

If you owned a bakery and a gay couple wanted a cake for their wedding, would you make one for them?

I believe in a marriage of the heart. It doesn't matter if you have 2 penis's or 2 vaginas. If they are happy and bring joy to each other, let them please. Who am I to say what they enjoy doing in bed or out of bed? If they are happy, let them engage in marriage. No harm. No foul. I'm not out to judge anybody on their sexual preference. !

What is your favorite Summer Fruit?

grapes and cherries

Being proud of yourself is the best feeling ever.

Helping others quietly and letting them have their glory feels better to them. My feelings are moot.