We work well under pressure because without pressure we don't work. amirite?

You are among us

Playing in the NFL virtually guarantees all your coworkers are college educated, amirite?
@Boknows12 How many of them actually graduate?

Somewhere between 40-50% get a bachelor's degree

Playing in the NFL virtually guarantees all your coworkers are college educated, amirite?
@dankXD Non American here, how does that happen?

To play in the NFL you have to have been out of high school for three years. Also college football is the only practical way to develop football skills in those three years so basically all NFL players attend college.

Reading a book is hallucinating while staring at a piece of wood, amirite?

Hallucinating involves actually seeing something. If you had a dream about the book then it would sort of be that

It's highly likely that the entire continent of Antarctica contains no dumb people. amirite?

Perhaps they all died out :O

There's a chance that there are super tasty creatures in the deep ocean that no one will ever get to taste. amirite?
@Larny2019 As a Cajun, I would absolutely try Yeti Crab boil.

Ah, the Cajun philosophy on food: "Eat anything that moves. And if it doesn't move, kick it and make it move."

The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?
@capamericasur I am talking in more generic sense. If you go someone's house and somehow see a browsing history to seeing a clean...

So what's worse, knowing specifically what type of porn they watched or just assuming they watched porn

Carbon is the backbone of all living things. It has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The number of the beast is designed into the atomic template of all lifeforms. amirite?

If satan is evil, why is he so hot?

In school you are taught to write long wordy essays. In the real world we are taught to be concise and to the point when writing emails or documents. amirite?

Most of the stuff they taught us in school has little to no real world application

The less lighting a restaurant has the fancier it is. amirite?

Dim lighting causes a cozy atmosphere, it's a marketing strategy. I'd you're cozy, you stay longer and spend more.

Space expands geometrically because black holes stretch it, amirite?
Space expands geometrically because black holes stretch it, amirite?
The solution to the Fermi paradox is the rest of the life in the universe is hyper dimensional, amirite?

I dont think theres a paradox there at all. Theres rather logical explanations for our "universal seclusion"(namely time and distance)

Or.. the universe is hyper dimensional

37 is someone's favorite number, amirite?

You sucked 37 dicks! Try not to suck any dick on your way through the parking lot.

Mass depression in dense populations could be an evolutionary response to over population in an apex species , causing the population to take care of itself to bring things back into balance. amirite?

Not sure depression has any proven genetic links as of yet, so it's hard for it to be evolutionary rather than just a symptom of better diagnostic work and cataloging compared to previous times in history