why is there an r in mrs.? wouldn't it be pronounced mursses? amirite?
@Idling_Rocket_Ship Because its the abbreviation for mistress :) lol but i agree.

really haha i didn't know that! but mrs. just looks right haha

you wish you had "shower in a can" like spongebob, amirite?
wii bowling is sooo much easier than real-life bowling. amirite?
@Meandmycat I might be the only one, but I think it's so much harder. Press B then A, but keep holding B, it's so confusing...

all you have to do on wii is press B and swing your remote..
and do you really get better scores in real life than the wii..

Blue should be a main flavor for Skittles, amirite?

alright, blue raspberry :)

You hate it when you have this AMAZING dream and when you wake up, you forget it. amirite?
@How would you know it was awesome if you forgot it?

everyone remembers if they have an awesome dream...

WOOHOO now they have purple as a theme for amirite. amirite?

look at you being all smart

this website is very enjoyable(: amirite?

whoever said "no way,"
if this website isn't enjoyable then why are you on it?

Day before your birthday: holy crapp i'm so excited my birthday's tomorrow!! Day after: dangg it, my birthday's not for another year..amirite?
pop rocks are fabulous, amirite?

haha that's cool! :)

Scented candles smell good, amirite?


Scented candles smell good, amirite?


Sometimes we forget there are windows and we expect to go through them, and then we slam against them and it hurts really bad, amirite?

haha nopee

Scented candles smell good, amirite?
WOOHOO now they have purple as a theme for amirite. amirite?

can u say anything more stupider

You loved the movie 'Hachiko: A dog story', and you almost cried at the end, amirite?

haven't seen it..