About me.

Hey, I'm awesome. 'Nuff said. But, if you DO actually care to stalk/know about me, I'll entertain you.

Here's the origin of my awesomeness:

"It was a frakkin' awesome day, and one lad, named Chuck Norris, simply walked into Mordor. Just as he was about to exit the fabled Cavern of Double Rainbows, a young kitteh appeared. This kitteh was no ordinary kitteh, however. This kitteh was the mythical Keyboard Kitteh! Keyboard Kitteh provided Chuck Norris with many lolz, so Chuck Norris teamed up with said cat. The epic duo battled many newbs and saved the world from vegetarian Nazi Zombies. However, the awesome life of Chuck Norris and Teh Keyboard Kitteh came to a end as the world exploded with a magical "Avada Kedavra!" Out from the flames, a child arose. This child's name? Mr. Awesomeness."

Basically, if you're small brain hurt too much to read those big words, I'm the most awesomest person in the world. Pretty awesome, right? U jelly? Damn right you're jealous.

Some other random crap for my favorite little stalkers:
-I don't like it when people misspell things and don't use correct capitalization, but I don't care enough to correct them.
-I play trombone for my school's marching/concert band.
-Video games? Fuck yeah.
-I play guitar.
-I am currently single. (Ladies?)
-Even though I'm from Mississippi, I am not stupid, fat, or a redneck, and I have never dated any of my relatives (or at least I hope I haven't...)
-I'm a brony, and I will love and tolerate the shit out of you.

So, yeah. Feel free to message me and all that stuff. And that's pretty much it. Don't like it? Come at me, bro.