It's honestly ridiculous how much hate "mainstream" singers such as Justin Bieber and One Direction get. They're just doing something they love and people every where are constantly posting about how they should die or get injured. You don't have to like them, but wishing death on someone who hasn't hurt anyone just seems a little extreme, amirite?

Even if you don't like their music, you really have no reason to hate their guts. You don't know them, and no one really deserves death threats, especially if they make so many other people happy.

When someone tells you to remind them of something later, you get kinda stressed. Amirite?

"Hey, remind me that I've got to pick up my sister later, would ya?"


The word 'soul' ignites several thoughts, and is just a deep word in general, amirite?
The chase scene in Bourne Legacy was absolutely thrilling, but the other 15 minutes was kind of a letdown. amirite?


Animals are more cute when they wear babushkas, amirite?

I thought that said "babushka kitty sex."

I'm gonna take a picture with words on my hand and put it in black and white because I'm just so fucking artistic, amirite?

when i haven't been on amirite in a while
and come back to this c:

We as a race have almost completely eliminated Social Darwinism. Laws requiring people to wear seat belts, laws against drugs and laws requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets were all put in place to keep people safe. However these laws should be abolished because anyone dumb enough to do heroine after all the lessons preaching against it deserves the death they receive. amirite?
Facebook is not what it used to be, I mean 2 years ago, all you saw was posts from your friends, and nowadays, you see so much "like for this, ignore for that" photos, amirite?

oh, you liked a post th said "like for heaven, ignore for hell"? GOD OFFICIALLY LOVES YOU

The word "bucolic" has an unexpected definition, amirite?
The word "bucolic" has an unexpected definition, amirite?
Fix a computer and it'll break tomorrow. Teach its owner to fix it and it'll break in some way you've never seen before, amirite?
@Montana tl;dr, bc idc.


Never trust a Youtube video with disabled comments, amirite?



you don't know me, but life = made :]

There may be no "I" in "team", but there's also no "us" or "we." It seems like coaches should spend less time figuring out which one syllable words aren't in "team" and more time thinking up better motivational speeches, amirite?