Smoking cigarettes should be illegal. Its harmful to the smoker, its addictive, its harmful to others (secondhand smoke) and harmful to the environment. Its worse than weed! amirite?

Ok, check it. . . NO. When you make a substance illegal, you create an underground market. Organized crime's only major source of income is illicit drug-trade. The more substances that are illegal, the more well-funded they are. That only makes them better at killing our soliders/cops trying to keep them out of our borders. Also, this will eliminate quality control of the tobacco, so it will be even more harmful than it already is. Since it's such a large market, I'm guessing the Government currently makes a massive amount of money off of taxing it. If it were illegal, we'd lose all that money, putting us in an even worse economy. If it were illegal, it'd also be a criminal offence, and our prisons would be that much more crowded with people getting caught. Clearly the intentions are good, but the idea is all wrong. Prohibiton dose not decrease a substance's use at all, and if the substace is still used, regulation is the absolute best option. This applies to all non-weaponized things.

Which bothers you more – that Bush gave us the Patriot Act or that Obama has extended (and broadened) it's scope?
@Ethan Oh i'm not saying the government doesn't lie and stuff, but the patriot act does tighten up our security, which...

To give up freedom for security is folly. Doing so only leads to tyranny.

If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

It is really odd, but there's always that one person you know who seems to start every conversation with, "you haven't heard a word I said." Amirite?
@Thumper Strange, my girlfriend has a habit of doing that

You think that's bad? Mine does this stupid thing all the time where she just doesn't exist.

I think it's nice that Voldemort always waits until the end of the school year to try and kill Harry. Despite his flaws, Voldemort really cares about Harry’s education, amirite?
Its really funny how Ke$ha's Twitter name is keshasuxx, amirite?
Restraining orders don't make sense. How is a slice of paper going to keep someone away? amirite?

Paper cuts

The people at IBM spent years and possibly billions of dollars to develop a computer that can play jeopardy. Isn't that sort of what's wrong with society today? "Alright guys we have infinite money and amazing technology should we try to cure cancer? Nah you're right, feed the millions of starving kids in Africa? Nah that's a waste. I know, let's build something that can play jeopardy!", amirite?

IBM's job is to make computers. You don't see janitors performing open heart surgery.

You wonder if in the Harry Potter universe, muggle born wizards and witches say things to each other like, "You my mudblood!" and "Mudblood, please!" amirite?
It's stupid how gay marriage is known as gay marriage and not just "Marriage". Just because you have lunch doesn't mean you have 'gay lunch'. Just because you park your car doesn't mean you 'gay parked', amirite?

I'm pretty sure not letting gays get married is harming gay people.


Randomly purchasing 32 watermelons and then eating 17 of them isn't normal, but on math it is, amirite?

Math; not even once

It must really suck dick to be a girl. Haha get it? Because not only would it be horrible to be a female, but because females have to suck their bf's dicks. Hence, it would "suck cock" to be a girl. You might not think that's funny so you can just skip over this post, but don't vote NW just cuz you don't get the joke. It's not fair to do that to a post just because you don't understand. amirite?

Next time you think of a post like this, type it out, delete the unnecessary explanation, delete the rest of the post, then throw your computer out a window.

There should be a universal symbol to put at the start of an email that means "I just wrote you a huge long email but then accidentally deleted it so this is the half-assed 2nd version", amirite?
@¥ <- that thing

That's the Yen sign.
Maybe we should use other currency symbols as phrases too. $ can mean "I was late to the meeting because I was gorging myself on cheeseburgers" and £ could mean "I can't make your birthday party because I'm busy not getting my teeth fixed."

When you were little, your parents counting to three was like the equivalent of a time bomb nowadays, amirite?


I bet the main reason the police keep people away from a plane crash is they don't want anybody walking in and lying down in the crash stuff, then, when somebody comes up, act like they just woke up and go, "What was THAT?!", amirite?
@MrRite Or just be chillin' and when someone walks by say something like, "Miss, my tv screen doesn't seem to be working"...

"Hi. Yeah, so the baby's crying has officially died down, but I'd still like to know what my chances are of being upgraded from coach?"

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