Are you an Animal Lover?

It's called the circle of life.

Are you an Animal Lover?

I love dogs and cats. I don't know if I could decide which one I would prefer to have, maybe one of each? Can't now since I'm living in a "no pets" apartment.

I would walk a mile in someone else's shoes, so long as my life wouldn't be affected by it, like it was frozen in time while I had this experience.

Would you be offended if the person you were in a monogamous relationship with had their relationship status online as single or hidden?

Just barely decided to join the hubbub that is Amirite, but I remember you, Transquesta :)

Explain what you mean, since I don't know how this site works quite yet...

Have you ever read a Shakespeare play?

I've read Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet

Would You Rather Walk Through a Graveyard at Night or Spend the Night in a Spooky Abandoned House?

Oh hell yes, I'd spend time in an abandoned house (as long as it wasn't falling apart I suppose). As for graveyards, I walk through them all the time at night. It is really good for a thrill sometimes.

Saying you "don't believe in evolution" just makes you sound like an idiot. Evolution is a science. It is like saying you don't believe in biology. amirite?

Evolution is pretty much a gravity, the earth being round...etc.

Trump can go **** himself.

"Natural" is not a good argument for anything.

Sex. Hands down.


Definitely. The first time I tried it, I was all, "what's the hubbub about?"

@Ms_Kris Sex. Hands down.

Wait, I'm not allowed to say S E X on here?

@mobius118 I guess not. Blocked mine too.

Psh, since when is it a bad word? lol

Colour, not color, amirite?

Both are right. One is English English, the other is American English. Since I speak American English, I voted the way I speak. But both are correct.