About me.

Hi, I'm Mackenzie.
There's really no reason I'm here.
All I really do is go to school, listen to music, and go out with friends.
The best things in life are Eminem, Cudi, and vitaminwater
I like to talk to people so talk!

Eminem inspires me so much. Because when he wanted to get clean, he did.
And when Ja Rule was talking about his daughter, he stood up for her and ruined Ja's career.
He raps about life. I can't say he's not like the other rappers, rapping about sex and drugs and killing people, because he is, but do you see Lil Wayne talking about his whole life, his mom, and how much he loves his daughters? Not really. Eminem also inspires me because he is trying to get his ex wife's child of another man. They aren't even related and Eminem loves him like a child.