Sugar consumption has skyrocketed in recent years but sugar packets are still the same size. amirite?
@Tanmoykayesen And I feel like the bad guy for using 5 of them in my coffee.

I was taught, as a child, they were sweet tea bags. So i'd dunk them in coffee. Took 8 years before anyone said anything.

Early humans didn't mourn death because it was so common, only after longevity became the norm did humans start mourning death. amirite?

I don't think death is any less common now. Everyone still dies.

There is no true vertical in the universe only what humans perceive it to be, amirite?

Watch Tony Hawk do the first 900 and then tell me there is no vertical

Cam girls are about to make a killing. amirite?

They've already seen a significant spike in viewership. More power to em. Get that money.

One man's trash is another man's fap material. amirite?

Or another man's wife material

Mirrors don't actually break. They just multiply, amirite?
Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?
A Roman wouldn't understand why XL is a bigger size than L in clothing. amirite?

If I see one more pun, I'll kill of my last braincells

You know you have made it big as a game developer or artist when porn of your characters starts popping up, amirite?

If someone will show me porn about tetris then you're right

In Monsters Inc. Mr Waternoose wears clothes, meaning most of the monsters are nudists, amirite?

He wears a business suit because he's the businessman.

In Monsters University most of the monsters are seen wearinf some type of clothes. Mike wears a hat. Sully wears a shirt.

A lot of people are about to have to learn how to cook. amirite?

What can you make with pasta and toilet roll. It sounds delicious

A key reason for misery is there being too many questions with too few answers that are sufficient. amirite?

Nobody is existing

Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?

Lol start a family. Millenials are trying to pay their bills. The only people with kids from my age group (33) are the ones with rich parents that bought them houses etc

Even with eyes closed, you keep seeing. You just see the black inner side of the eye lobe. amirite?