Those photo collage pictures on facebook of things that are written down are annoying, amirite?
You appreciate that <script>if ( currentUserUsername ) { document.write(currentUserUsername+" is an active user");}
else { document.write("there are many active users"); }</script> on this site, amirite?

Actually, just tested this, an anon just sees "You appreciate that there are many active users on this site." Very clever post, Tia.

Some races are so worthless and stupid that we need to get rid of them. Like the egg and spoon, three-legged, etc. Amirite?

First sentence: WTF1!!???/? Second sentence: Oh haha

It's ridiculous that saying "gay" or "faggot" is becoming unacceptable in our society, but calling things or people "retarded" is completely okay, amirite?

Calling somebody or something any of these things should be unacceptable.

It is possible to get your virginity back after you have lost it

I guess after you make the time macne and come from the futer, you will be living during a time when you have your virginity and god is real.

Guys with penises: You've accidently peed on another guy's shoes while at the urinals, amirite?

Guys without penises: This post is weird, amirite?

One of the hardest things for a teenage girl is to admit to her parents that she once went to another state with some fat cheeked Mexican guy called Pedro where they accidentally got lost in some corn field, the weather being damn cold they had to have sex so as to survive while some pretty sick fuckers were busy drawing crop circles around them, that their trip ended when they had a near death experience after smoking some shit that looked like bone powder and now she's 8 months pregnant, amirite?

is this a reference to something?

People shouldn't post about politics on this website, amirite?

"Anonymous thought this about Politics 1 hour ago."

Do you have a favorite quote(s)? If so, feel free to comment it.
Where do you get your morals, if not from our/a Creator? Do you make them up and go by your own conscious and feelings already in place? If that's acceptable, who is to say someone else's morals are wrong or flawed? Are there some set morals that everyone should keep, and then differ on the smaller matters? Where do those set morals come from, some intrinsic moral coding? Serial killers, thieves, and child molesters, must have missed that day of development in the womb, amirite?

Having a religion does not automatically mean you are a moral person.

Being an atheist does not automatically mean you are not a moral person.

It's okay to be guided morally by a religion. Don't try to pretend that you are a superior human being because I don't follow your religion.

Christina Hendricks is a "real woman"

Yeah, because we all know that body type determines whether someone is a real woman or a real man.

Those photo collage pictures on facebook of things that are written down are annoying, amirite?
If somebody came forth from a future time, then God is an existant entity. However, if we built a machine capable of manipulating time, but no person arrived from the future, then God is not real. Furthermore, we are first, while the future is second. Amirite?

In the futer, apparently, we have a language in which werds are spelt different.

Instead of telling me to turn off my lights every time I leave a room, how about we turn off the screens in Times Square, amirite?

Maybe if we turned off all those lights, we'd be able to read this post.