What's sad is that December 22, 2012 falls on a Saturday, so you can't go to school and say "Oh, I thought we were all going to die, so I didn't do my homework". amirite?

no whats sad is the people who have ended their life as they didn't want to die in the apocolypse

Why is it that burping in some cultures is a way of showing your appreciation for a fine meal and in others, it's just plain gross? How did these interpretations of bodily functions get started anyway? Why even worry about the reasoning behind them? They're all Nature's way of adjusting the body.

does it really matter

Resolving to look like a super model is not realistic for the majority of us, but promising to include daily physical activity in our lives is very possible.
You want to have another life after this one, amirite?

i would prefer not to live another life this one has been quite difficult to me as i have not had much interms of money like the people around me have i have autism and spend most of my lufe alone due to anxiety i can also not relate to my age group as i have the opinions of a 50 or so year old and I am only 20. so if I died and was reincarnated theres a chance my new life could have been worse. so I am thankful that I only have a few minor problems as things could have been much worse

When we get to a certain age, we need to start making decisions for ourselves and stop depending on other people, amirite?

that would be the definition of growing up

Butterfly effect: A butterfly flaps its wings, and the slight change that this causes can result in a tornado somewhere else. That's pretty mind-blasting, amirite?

actually the idea is every action has a equal and oppisite reaction

so from saying that think of when you press a button to make the stop light appear so you can cross the road say their are 3 cars that have now stopped and you cross the road you have just changed their lives as if you had not been their to stop the cars the situation would be simular but the thoughts of the people will change for better or for worse we will never no and now if you have read this message your life would be different to say if i haddent so all in all every action we ever take from the butterfly flapping its wings to having a nightmare instead of a good sleep everything changes it reaction depending on the variable

Once or twice a year, people should make a point to drive to where there are no city lights for miles and where the horizon lets them get an uninterrupted view of the night sky. There's nothing on earth like being able to see the Milky Way and millions of stars on a cold, clear night.

but the beauty of the universe depends on whether you care about the significance of existing as a incredibly small speck on the universe or if you think its boring and could not care less

sure it would be nice for the majority of people to do that but it all comes down to prefferance

Most people say they want someone who will treat them right and with love. Then they go with a good looking person who will might cheat on them because they know they can always get some other person. whereas the slightly uglier people would treat them with respect and love as they know a relationship should not be squandard. but because they are not as good looking they choose the people who would hurt them again and again. VANITY AND HYPOCRISY THY NAME IS EVERYONE INCLUDING ME

of course they can but is less likely they would get to as they have alot less options

You don't always have to have a reason for your opinion, amirite?

in my opinion it depends on the circumstances for example if your discussing why we live and for what purpose thats your belief and you may not have an explanation for it as no one does. but if you dont like something and dont have a reason why you dont like it and refuse to give an opinion then thats just them being stubborn

Knives are just handicapped scissors, amirite?

no if you put two knives together to look like scissors they a praticaly useless so just because they both cut things they get paired together thats like saying a samurai sword is an extremely long letter opener

That great moment when you get paid is always followed, by that very sad moment when it is automatically spent on gas, food, bills, nothing fun.

thats life eh

It's so awkward when you tell someone you have some news for them and they automatically assume the worst and "flip out" before you've even told them the news.

well that depends on how your tone of voice is if you say it in a cheerful mood they will probably think it is good news

Newborn babies look like aliens, amirite?

have you ever seen a real alien then. no they dont as there is no proof of aliens and what they look like and if you mean ones in movies or tv if their is a baby who looks like alien from alien this world would shit itself

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says: "I'm-possible".

it depends on how your mind processes things if you are strong minded (optimist) you will probably feel like nothing is impossible but if you are more of a pesimist you will see most things as impossible
but if you are a realist you understand both sides of the optimist and pesimist and conclude that its how you decyfer the meaning of impossible

You can only be happy or insane. Take your pick.

well theres also sad, upset, deppresed, shocked, frightened, confused, tired, angry, annoyed and overwhelmed just to name a few