They should make a Limewire app for the iPhone, amirite?

lol just 3 days after your post, they just down limewire!

I don't think Ariel would actually like this part of our world. I mean, with the war, hate, and screwed up economy, she should just stay under the sea, amirite?
Girls: It sucks that when you start exercising and losing weight, the first things to go are your boobs, amirite?

well if your waist will get a lot slimmer, your slightly smaller boobs won't look bad. if u manage to flatten your stomach your boobs might actually SEEM bigger than they were before.

In the pictures you drew as a little kid, the sky didn't touch the ground. Amirite?
When you go back and watch the first few Harry Potter movies you think "Aw, they're so cute.", amirite?

omg they were all adorable.....and i think they acted better then too.

You own at least one pair of Toms, amirite?

Around here i see mostly girls wearing them.

In Harry Potter, the Daily Prophet is kinda like Fox News in our world, amirite?

I always imagined Rita Skeeter to look like Sara Palin

I wonder if the police changed their extension for calling the police from [I don't know] to 911 because of the incident happened on 9/11, amirite?

CALM DOWN you guys, the OP is just a kid, she/he was a baby when 9/11 happened.

The Black-Eyed Peas: This is when lip-syncing is a GOOD thing, amirite?

yea dude their voices were really croaky for some reason, and on top of that the mikes seemed to not work right...and i didnt like fergies sweet child of mine, what was she thinking??

Lily, James, and Albus Severus... I don't think Ginny got to name the children, amirite?

OH COME ON YOU GUYS! Witch and wizard names are better if theyre “odd” like Regulus, Minerva, Elphias, Astoria etc… I lovee the name Albus Severus! But having Lily AND James is a bit too much…at least one of them should be Ginny’s ancestors
And about Rose and Hugo they’re named that way so they have the same first letters as their parents’ names Ronald and Hermione…There aren’t too many good names that start with “H” and ALSO Hugo means INTELLIGENT…so he probably takes after his mother :]

Girls: You would wear nail polish all the time if it dried instantly, amirite?

and if it didnt chip so easily -___-

Do you know what happens to 100% of people who eat carrots? THEY DIE, amirite?


You refer to you-know-who as you-know-who, amirite?

I call him Tom, for the most part.

Oatmeal raisin cookies aren't that bad, it's just that they look like chocolate chip cookies at first glance, so they taste of disappointment, amirite?

On a side note, some oatmeal raisin cookies ARE disgusting, like if they have too much cinnamon, or too many raisins.

No matter how hard you push the envelope, it'll still remain stationary, amirite?