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Go learn English before you criticize others.

@cazhaztoez And then a good percentage of our society will be walking around stoned. Confusing everyone. Legalizing these...

I am from the Netherlands, having a small amount of weed with you for your own use is 'tolerated' here. I can assure you that there are not many people stoned here.

What makes you think animals are brutal and stupid?

I do have a sibling but I voted this down because it's a really stupid post.

Ernie is one of the main characters in the Dutch Sesam Street...

Pokémon is cool, but you guys are taking it waaaaay to seriously...

I have hyves, sort of like facebook but with more respect for your privacy.

I forgot my cell phone sir... So unfortunately I can't give it to you...

If he breaks up via text or emaìl, something just doesn't click in your head, especially not if he was acting like he loved you the last time you saw him.


Where I live it's tradition to have a musical at the and of the last year of primary school.

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No, it's not irrelevant, it's exactly the same drawing. I am wondering if some people on here stole it...

Or the the us schould just stop interfering with conflicts and wars between other people or countries; it's none of their business.

How would that freak people out?