You should appreciate nature

How is this even a post?

You liked the old voting buttons better than the new ones, amirite?

corollary: The upvote and downvote buttons are worse.

It really doesn't. If you live to see the negative in yourself or refuse to believe that someone who is insulting you is just an asshole who has nothing better to do than make up lies about you maybe you need to wake up and see your flaws, or just embrace your flaws.

Whats the best First person shooting game?


Is South Park offensive to you?

A yes or no answer would suffice.

This is probably the funniest thing you've seen in a while.

This post is shit on so many levels. 1) The video is a knock off. 2) The video mistakes a llama and a goat. 3) They spelled llama wrong. 4)

Yes amirite admins, that means it is a repeat. A post with the same video, and a sentence meaning the same thing IS A REPEAT.

Necrophilia jokes are rotten, amirite?
You liked the old voting buttons better than the new ones, amirite?
@Mike_Hawk Still, someone is bound to like them. Throw in the option to swap between button styles, and I would be unable to...

If this was up on Christmas I'd be okay with it, and maybe they should have button themes for those days hint hint, but I agree that they should have an option to change.

Truly profound innovations that change the course of humanity are wonderful and rare.


To say they are rare is an overstatement, especially the way modern technology is going.

There's only one race. That is the human race. People made up races. It's a way to divide. A way to emphasize differences. A way to feel superior over another. A way to get power.

Humans are not a race. We are a species. Same thing can be said for all the different types of monkeys. That's why we have different names for all of them.

You miss the bad graphics because video games had actual game-play and movies had actual quality and quantity. It wasn't about the graphics, it was about fun. amirite?

Yeah, I hate the multiplayer nowadays. Don't get me wrong, it's fun, but a game should be centered around the story and not the multiplayer (with the exception of Portal 2, which had a story)

Happiness and sadness are not emotions- they are diseases. They spread through others who are infected, contaminate those who are around it often, and have the power to change lives. Amirite?
Canadians: whenever a polar bear is on your lawn you take it as an opportunity to prove your manhood by taming the majestic beast, amirite?

Whenever a polar bear is on my lawn I put it back in my garage. It's not supposed to be let out when I'm not riding it to school.

You hate when you get trolled, amirite?

Yeah, I'd have to agree.