Animals seriously deserve better these days. They were here first. Respect your elders. amirite?

I guess that depends on your religion too

Jason Mraz is one of the best musical artists of all time, amirite?

I believe that you meant to type Michael Jackson.

You've had feelings for someone who wouldn't be considered pretty or handsome before. amirite?
If an ugly person calls you sexy, you already know it. If a hot person calls you sexy, you feel honored. Amirite?

The ugliest person in my school called me ugly....

It's strange how girls have to cover their chest in the pool and boys dont, amirite?

How about we all stop wearing clothes?

There's always that one teacher at school that looks like they should be a model. Amirite?

Well my school has this old librarian who knows where each and every book goes ;)

It's odd that cars in Britain have air conditioning in anticipation of hot weather. Gotta love their optimism though. Kinda like a fat girl carrying round a rape alarm, amirite?
Since some children are better informed about life than a lot of adults, yet get few rights on the basis of their age alone, there should be a world-wisdom test you can take as a child to gain legal adult status, amirite?

Teenagers are idiots, 'nuff said.

To all those girls who die trying to get a size 0 figure: real men go after curves. Only dogs go after bones, amirite?

I personally like big butts. I can't lie and I bet you guys can't deny, that when a girl walks by with a tiny waist, and puts her round butt in your face you suddenly get sprung.

When your parents or grandparents listen to old music, it's kind of embarrasing. When your parents or grandparents listen to new music, it's kind of weird, amirite?
Why can't we all just be skinny and 6feet tall, amirite?

Trust me, being skinny isn't all that is it hyped up to be.

It's pretty hilarious that Legos is the largest tire manufacturer In the world, amirite?
You want a Dyson bladeless fan just to see if it really works, amirite?

I saw it at a store; it's amazing.

The first time you did the thing where you push agaist a doorway with your hands then they float up, you were amazed. amirite?

How does that work?

Aren't bananas dead prior to their skin being peeled?