Masturbation IS cheating, amirite?

You raise a pretty good point. People have different expectations and boundaries for relationships, and as such cheating means different things for different people. What's important is to communicate these to your partner to see if you're still a good fit for each other. If my partner communicated this to me, I would think that it would be best to break up because I won't be able to satisfy the conditions of a faithful relationship by those standards.

Hairdressers are the only professionals who are expected to chat while they work. amirite?

Almost any type of service workers are expected to chat on command. I've also had my hair done with little to no chat besides what I wanted. Granted that was a language issue but same could be said for nails. Bartenders. Uber drivers. Home healthcare. Literally any customer based business that involves ass kissing.

Comfortable silence is peak communication. amirite?

I love that. Some are so terrified of silence and have to say anything to deal with the unbearable pain. I love silence.

American tourists are actually very charming, polite and respectful. amirite?

My general impression of Americans is that they seem quite nice.

Heat makes things expand but your dryer makes things shrink, amirite?

It removes a bunch of the "things" (the water part) so it doesn't exactly shrink your towels so much as it removes all the other stuff from them.

A helping hand from others is a gift, not a right.

Make sure all your friends and family know you feel this way so they can respect your views next time you're having a rough time.

Hollywood scenes today is always shot with just one actor at a time. I hate it. amirite?

If true, is there a reference for movies that do this sort of thing?

The US and Canada should merge, amirite?
The US and Canada should merge, amirite?
The US and Canada should merge, amirite?

Yeah no thanks. I live in Vermont and see how Canada is. Respect for my fellow moose + maple friends but I'm good.

The prevalence of scammers on EBay has made it unusable for anything but niche products. amirite?

Never had a scam as a buyer but I have encountered tons of scams as a seller.

Last month I had a customer return an item but forgot to include the item. Another return me a cheap copy and finally a customer returned a rock instead of the correct part. All of these I appealed the case with ebay and still lost.

Every American citizen over the age of 18 should get $10k no questions asked. amirite?
@georgecampos I mean if you're going to turn on the money printer, you might as well print it out for everyone.

You do understand that taxpayers foot the bill or money printer goes brrrr. when they print more money it devalues the dollar. Why do you think we are in a recession?

Heightened senses are a terrible and lazy superpower. In fact, most superpowers are. Superheroes would be so much more interesting if they gave these powers depth. amirite?

Batman use Sound based attacks to hurt Superman when he fight him.

Venom doens't trigger Spiderman spider sense, he also lost his spider sense at one point forcing him develop his own spider based martial art.

We should place a curfew forcing everyone to sleep/stay home at night. amirite?

Get ready for a real unpopular opinion

Are you sure this is real? This is so comical it almost seems like a troll.

We should place a curfew forcing everyone to sleep/stay home at night. amirite?