Walmart is not the same at night. amirite?

I went there this morning and they were doing this weird chant thing and then they were in clumps near the underwear.

You hate it when you begin to type with your eyes off the screen and your index fingers aren't correctly placed on the "f" and the "j" and so your typing gets all messed up. Amirite?

Or when your fingers don't want to work with your brain and you mix up the words "nipples" and "glasses".

Too bad hearing someone snore doesn't make you get sleepy -like hearing running water makes you have to pee, amirite?

That would be what I would fall asleep to every night.

It sucks when you tell someone you love them and they respond with something like "no you don't" or "good to know", amirite?

Or they dig for a compliment and ask why, it makes you want to take it back.

Craft stores have a nice scent, amirite?

At first, I thought you meant Kraft, like the mac & cheese.

Christopher Columbus: discovered nothing, kidnapped, enslaved & murdered natives & gets a national holiday honoring him? Well played, sir. amirite?
Nike should never sponsor a suicide hotline, amirite?

Or an abstinence program.

Converse shoes in baby sizes are freakin' adorable, amirite?

They're cute in any size. c:

I love it when that happens on tests.

People should be able to vote whenever they get their GED, not just at age 18, amirite?
@DeezNuts Well a GED means more education, but I agree it doesn't mean you don't know about who you're voting for. (If this...

Yeah, that was what I was getting at. My cousin is the dumbest person I know and she has her diploma but she voted for Obama because her sister was.

Admit it, deep inside it would be really cool if you could witness the end of the world... amirite?

I'd hate watching all of my loved ones die/suffer. I couldn't handle that.

It's kind of cool when you find a scab on your leg in the shape of Australia, amirite?

I've had a bruise in the shape of a penis before. It's pretty faint because I was bit by a cat and it didn't leave that much of a mark.

It is pathetic when a group of teenagers bullies kids that cannot be older then eight. Honestly, get a life and shut up; making children cry really is not funny. amirite?
It's freaking annoying when you watch a good preview of something you REALLY want to see, and it's going to play two months from now. amirite?

I love you! You reminded me of a show I wanted to watch tonight that I would have otherwise forgotten about! THANK YOU! (:

Penises are like see-saws, when you go down, they go up, amirite?