Freshman who cut in the lunch line, need to be shot. amirite?

Anybody that cuts is annoying not just freshmen. and isn't shooting somebody a little drastic?

Your ratio of wins to losses in solitaire severely depress you, amirite?
It's frustrating when you both of your legs fall asleep and you topple over when you try to stand up, amirite?

Whoops. when both*

You hate it when you're enjoying your food and someone says "Eww that's gross". Excuse you, I never asked for your opinion, amirite?

The only time I would say anything when somebody is eating is if they're chewing with their mouth open or if I can hear them chewing.

Sometimes you just need to be antisocial, amirite?

Stop. Fucking. Spamming. no smilie

Parents always seem to give advice too late. For example, if a toddler hits their head on the table the parent says, "Oh careful hunny, that'll hurt". Or if they touch a stove- "Careful baby, that's hot!". Yeah, I think they know that NOW! amirite?

My parents always told me not to do something and then I did it. Like they told me not to touch the pizza pan and 30 seconds later I was bawling my eyes out and I had a burnt hand, the same thing happened with an electric fence.

The superbowl is the only time when you are suposed to be quiet during the commercials, and you can talk all you want during the program, amirite?

I just watch the good commercials the next day on youtube.

We're all pretty self conscious about how we look during the first day back at school. amirite?

I really don't care about how I look. :/

if you remember, you'll wait for 11:11 to come, just to make that wish, amirite?
It's funny to think of the last song you heard and then add "in my ass" after it, amirite?

The Light Will Come in my ass.