The real reason Gandalf survived his fall in the Mines of Moria is because he had Life Alert, amirite?
@I've fallen and I can't get up! OH HELL YEAH I CAN!

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"
"Ok sir, where are you?"
"I don't know yet... I'm still falling"

If you think about it, Tangled is basically the exact same opposite of Hunchback of Notre Dame: a beautiful princess/misshapen hunchback locked up in a tower by an evil witch/judge/priest who sheltered them and told them the world was awful. The princess/hunchback escapes and finds a wonderful world and a love on the outskirts of society: a gypsy/thief. And then the villain falls off the tower.... amirite?
Alcohol makes people behave like idiots. A baby makes people behave like idiots with strange voices amirite?

Therefore, we can conclude that babies are comprised of a mixture of alcohol and helium that sublimates in to the air around them.

You are not going to support Chick-fil-a today, or any other day, because they need to keep their unprofessional opinions to themselves, amirite?
@StickCaveman This shouldn't just apply to Chick Fil-A but to all businesses. I'll take my product without the propaganda. On...

His expression of "free speech" is fighting against peoples right to be in a relationship with WHOEVER they chose. He doesn't care about anybody's rights who is not a devout and traditional Christian, why should they care about his?

World = blue and green because Earth and water.
December = green and red because Christmas colors.
Anthony = rainbow because...

smirk smilie

It would be really convenient if you could text 911, because in a situation where you have to be quiet a phone call is not generally something you would do, amirite?

Police: 911, what's your emergnc?
Caller: A mam is too young to bill me!
Police: Im sry?

HI BILLY MAYS HERE. I'M ADVERTISING A NEW PRODUCT THAT. Makes you read the second sentence in a different voice. amirite?

Nope, it was just kinda awkward reading it because it wasn't a sentence. IT was just all like, "Yo Imma go to the." Like, fuck man! Where you gonna? The store?
Nah, man you went there? Maybe like the? or somtin? Awww shittt man, i don't.

Moral of the story. Finishing sentences is.

Non-religious people do have morals; religion isn't required to be a good person in general, amirite?
It's ridiculous that my parents take half the money I get, amirite?
@SemiColin No, it's not gracious that they don't expect a full return. Having a child is a huge decision and part of that...

Provide doesn't include a cell phone, car, nice clothes, and the law even says that utilities aren't required. Be grateful and quit thinking your parents owe you everything they give you. They do that because they either love you or wish you would shut up. If your family needs your help think about how they help you before you start crying about it

Some people think women have too many emotions to be president. That's stupid because women are masters of psychological warfare. Rather than blow up our enemies, a woman president would mind-fuck them and convince other countries to hate them. They'll sit around wondering what the hell just happened and when they ask why we're mad at them, we won't tell them. Amirite?
Folding underwear is pointless. If somebody else other than yourself does see your undies it's not like they'll say, "OH MY GOODNESS. LOOK AT THAT WRINKLE. YOU DISGUSTING PIG, WE CAN'T HAVE SEX ANYMORE.", amirite?

Grandma: "Your undies are wrinkled!"
Grandpa: "Wait until you see what's underneath."

They should make haunted houses with genuine fears. For example: Eviction notices at every corner, very important final exams that you didn't study for, pictures of your parents naked, etc. Amirite?
@amiritesucksnow It is. It stands for Extremely Tall Cock.

At first, I read "Extremely Tall Clock," and thought, "Oh, God! A towering, ominous reminder of Time's authority in our life, the fact that we are all mortal, and Death's imminence?!"

But then I reread and was like "o. cock joke."

Worst job ever has to be the person that writes the Terms and Agreements. amirite?

You could slip stuff in there such as "By agreeing to this contract, we have the right to list you as a sex offender in Canada, the UK, and all 50 states of the US" or something.

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