About me.

Hi! :D

-My name is Tresa, it's from Star Trek. Okay, laugh. There we go.

-I live in this little state called Illinois. Anyone who lives here wants out.

-I'm going to move to Canada when I can afford it. If not, I'm living with my mom.

-My username is simply there because I couldn't think of a good one.

-I regret things right after I do them, so if I post something stupid, I probably hate it as much as you do.

-I am an anime nerd, aspiring artist, aspiring author, and pretty much the dorkiest person you'll ever meet.

-If you're nice to me, we can be friends. If not, I'll just ignore your post/comment and probably delete it. I don't feed trolls.

-I am not single. :D

-Favorite band is BFMV, they're getting really popular among the populars for some reason, so before you call me a poser, I've liked them for a very long time and always will. Most of you only know two or three songs, I know the lyrics to all of them and all the covers.

-I have a prolonged, painful erection. If this lasts for more than 4 hours I am going to see a doctor.