Promises mean everything until they are broken. Then Sorry means NOTHING, amirite?

Oh, I LOVE that game!!!

School related uniforms(marching uniforms, concert dresses, tuxes, etc.) are ALWAYS hot and itchy, amirite?
If the internet were a movie, Google would be played by Morgan Freeman. Amirite?

Facebook would be Ted Williams.

What is Helen Keller's favorite color? Corduroy. Amirite?
@OliveYou I don't get it?

Helen Keller was deaf and blind, and therefore couldn't see, so she couldn't really have a favorite color, and she could only feel stuff, and corduroy is a type of fabric. That was a run-on.

'Cause you know, I like ketchup on my tuna sandwich....

Seeing old, innocent people get killed in movies is horrible, amirite?

UNCLE BEN!!!! </3

Micheal Jackson is still alive. amirite?

I sure as fuck hope not!

Girls: If you have big boobs, RARELY do you get to have cute bra's because they don't make them in big sizes, amirite?

This is so true!! I'm a 38DD, so I'm like the biggest size they have at VS, but rarely are there any cute ones. I just got a really cute purple one from there the other day! It's awesome.

Even if you haven't read all of the books, you'll realize all of the similarities of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. The ring is totally a Horcrux. amirite?

Well look at the date this was posted....

It's weird that Micheal Cera use to voice Brother bear from the Berenstein Bears, amirite?

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!

Even though you're not racist, you can usually tell a person's race by their voice, amirite?

That has nothing to do with racism.

It really sucks when you're hungry, but you really don't feel like eating, amirite?
Olive Garden has the best breadsticks of all time, amirite?
It really sucks when you're hungry, but you really don't feel like eating, amirite?
@Dwight Definitions of hungry on the Web: feeling a need or desire to eat food;

well in this particular scenario, it's the need for food. I.E. my stomach is growling, but I really don't feel like eating.

Soon, they're going to invent a machine that allows you to put a DVD into the player without having to get up. amirite?

I imagine it to be kind of like a juke box...