Childhood is the shortest part of our life but has the longest life in our memories. amirite?
A typical job interview is a conversation between two liars, amirite?

Who was it? Alexander sojynitzskin or who ever that wrote gulag archipelago?
He said something like "we know they are lying, and they know they are lying. They know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying. They know this and they are still lying anyway"

Vegans who tries to protect animals and forces it on others but kills insects or pets are not true vegans, amirite?

You have a right to protect yourself. Rats or mosquitoes can transfer diseases, so even as a Vegan you have every right to kill them if they pose a threat.

Erasers slowly sacrifice their lives because of your mistakes. amirite?

Ahhh like the tiny pink Jesuses of the stationary world ..

You can be underweight and overweight but you can't be weight, amirite?

Well yes you can but we call it "ideal weight."

Corn is a bean. amirite?

By that logic, a tomato is a bean.

If someone is stuck in a timeloop, technically we're ALL stuck in a timeloop, they're just the only ones who know, amirite?
@Alixkast Idk about that. Usually a time loop is some sort of punishment. Groundhog day he was cursed. Dr Strange was doing magic.

But everyone in the timeloop is still (presumably) a real person, and will remember the day as it happened on the final loop. Meaning they were all in the loop too, they just didn't know

People who fail to use turn signals won't even lift a finger to be safe. amirite?

Or like, when you're trying to turn left to get to a street, and there's a car slowly driving your direction. So you sit there waiting for them to pass you so you can go forward, and then they turn into the street your on... Still with no blinker.

A guy masterbating is the equivilent of a dog chasing it's tail, it's all good fun until you reach the inevitable conclusion and the reality of the situation settles in, amirite?

Bro this is so deep

You have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth that is to be shared for talking, eating, laughing and kissing. People are naturally inclined to find you a balanced person if you observed, listened, ate, laughed and kissed 20 times more than you talked. amirite?

That's why I show them my spreadsheet.

If someone is stuck in a timeloop, technically we're ALL stuck in a timeloop, they're just the only ones who know, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Unless it's only occurring in a specific spot

That would imply that exiting a timeloop is just a matter of going to a far enough away location

One day your contact list will have more numbers of dead friends than living. amirite?
Mario is the most well known Italian. amirite?
There is a 14% chance that the meteor that killed the dinosaurs struck earth on a Monday, amirite?

There is 2 ways to think about this:
1. There is more chance it wasn't a Monday
2. At least they got the weekend in and it wasn't a Friday after a week at Dino work

Since we pay for our Data or Wi-fi, we automatically pay for ads. amirite?

The really messed thing is ads were originally intended to pay for the programing the appear in. Then media providers decided they could ALSO charge you for the service while still getting money from ad revenue!

And we're just fine with that.